Mercer Lake Sprints

Thank you to all of the Competitors, Coaches, Spectators, Sponsors and especially the VOLUNTEERS who made the 2014 Mercer Lake Sprints a success!!

2014 Results:
Parking: Parking for trailers, buses and vans will open at 12 pm Friday, April 18. Buses will need to drop-off athletes in designated lot.
Practice: Course will be open for practice from 2-4:30pm Friday, April 18.

Live Results will be sent out over Twitter @mercersprints

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Princeton National Rowing Association (PNRA) and the ISA are proud to host the 2014 Mercer Lake Sprints. This event combines the highly successful Mercer Lake Sprints and the ISA Sculling Championships.

Olympic Gold medalist Susan Francia awarding medals at 2012 MLS 
This MLS/ ISA Regatta is open to all high schools and junior rowing clubs. Depending on the number of entries in each event, there will be heats and finals for varsity events with medals awarded to event winners.
In 2014, we will again be offering a limited number of races, boys' and girls' varsity doubles (Open and Lwt) and singles (Open Weight Only), on Friday evening starting at 5:00 pm. All other races will be held on Sat from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM.
Please review the following information about the regatta. There have been important updates this year especially with the entries, scratch fees, team tents and food trailers. 
Please contact Regatta Director, Kris Grudt with any questions at
Regatta Information
Friday April 18 & Saturday April 19, 2014
Location :
Richard Coffee Mercer County Park (West Windsor, NJ)
1638 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550
Junior Sweep and Sculling
RegattaCentral  (will open Feb 1, 2014)
Start Time:
Friday 5:00 pm; Saturday 8:00 am
Schedule  2014 Race Schedule
Weigh ins will be on coach's/athlete's honor




Events (Please see entry limits below)

Sweep Events (tentative)
First Eight (1500m heat, 2000m final)
Second Eight
Third Eight
First Frosh/Novice Eight
Second Frosh/Novice Eight
Lightweight Eight (Boys: 150lb. Max, Girls 130lb. Max) (1500m heat, 2000m final)
First Four w/ cox (1500m heat, 2000m final)
Second Four w/ cox
Third Four
Lightweight Four w/ (Boys: 150lb. Max, Girls 130 lb. Max)

ISA Sculling Events
Varsity Single
Varsity Double
Varsity Lwt Double
Varsity Quad (1500m heat, 2000m final)
Varsity Lightweight Quad
Second Double
Second Quad
Novice Quad
 Olympic GOld Medalist Ted Nash awarding medals at the 2012 MLS
Entry Cost
Registration (Please Read All Registration Rules Crefully)
  • The Registration window will be February 1st to April 4th, 2014 on RegattaCentral.
  • The entry window will be open until April 4st or when an event hits capacity (most events will cap at 14 entries). Entries are taken on a first come first served basis. Consideration may be given to allow the maximum team participation.
  • A maximum of one boat per team can be entered by a team in a varsity event.  Two entries per team will be allowed in non-varsity events, however if the event has a 7 boat entry cap only one boat entry per team will be allowed.
  • Once and event hits capacity, it will close. Participants who register after an event is closed will be put on a wait list.
  • Late entries (entries entered after April 4th) will be accepted as space allows and will be assessed a late fee of $25.00 per late entry.  Crews on the wait list prior to close of registration on April 4th will not be charged a late fee. 
  • Entries will NOT be recognized until full payment is made.
  • All registration fees must be received by April 4th will be charged entry deadline. Entries not paid for by this time are subject to possible cancellation. 
  • Scratches received after April 4th deadline but before the first day of the regatta will be charged a $25 per entry cancellation fee.
  • Scratches made on or after the first day of the regatta will not receive a refund for entry fees.
  • Important Note: To avoid registration being blocked by teams who “reserve entry spaces” only to scratch entries at the last minute, any registration not paid in full by April 4, 2014 will be removed from the system. This will be strictly enforced to allow the maximum team participation in the regatta. 

Rules and Regulations
Event Rules: Please be sure to read the following event descriptions carefully. The goal of PNRA is to run a regatta that is safe, fair and highly competitive. No school will be allowed to enter a "second eight" without entering a "first eight" and so on.
First Eight: The top event for eights. The "Varsity Eight."
Second Eight: No school can enter a second eight without entering a first eight
Frosh/Novice: Rowers and coxswains are considered novice if their first competition in the rowing discipline (sweep or sculling) is within the previous 12 months of the date of the Mercer Lake Sprints (USRowing Rule 1-202(m)).
Lightweight: There will be no averaging for lightweight events. Boys must weigh no more than 150lbs. and girls must weight no more than 130lbs. There will be no weigh in. Athletes' weights will be on the coach's honor.
Coxswains: There will be no weight restrictions for coxswains and they need not weigh in.
Awards: The top three places in each event will receive awards.  These awards should be picked-up by the crew or the coach at the awards dock after the race has been declared official.
Olympian Barb Grudt awards medals at the 2012 MLS. 
Entry Limits:
The Schedule WILL NOT be changed to accommodate athletes who are doubling up or teams that are hot seating shells. Please plan accordingly.
Each event will be subject to entry limits (the cap for most events is 14 entries) as the regatta has grown to its maximum capacity.  Until we can find a way to get more daylight in the day, we will need to limit the entries per event.
Each event will close when all lanes are full. The lanes will be drawn on a first come, first serve basis. For questions on individual event entry limits please contact Regatta Director, Kris Grudt at
Athletes can row in no more than two events in the same day.
Athletes may NOT row in events that are scheduled less than one hour from each other.
IF AN EVENT DOES NOT HAVE THREE OR MORE ENTRIES, the event WILL be dropped and you will be notified. Anyone who is part of an event that is dropped will be contacted before the event and you can choose to roll that entry into a higher category (ex= second double dropped, then second double rows in varsity category).
IF AN EVENT DOES NOT HAVE MORE THAN 7 entries, it will be rowed as a straight final "B" entries will be mixed with all of the "A" entries and will not be run in separate heats. "B" entries does NOT mean a separate event.
Venue Information
Boat Trailers
       The venue will open for boat trailers at noon on Friday, April 18, 2014.
Venue address: 1638 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550
Team Tents, Team Food Trailers & Parents Dropping off Food Tent Supplies
  • All teams must pre-register (at the time of boat registration) their team tent and apply for an assigned team tent space. Spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Team tent reservations will be done on line through RegattaCentral at the time of boat registration. You will be told of your tent location upon arrival.
  • Parents will be able to drive a team food trailer to the team food trailer parking area on Friday starting at noon. However, the finish area will be closed to cars. Team food trailers can be brought in between noon and 6:30pm on Friday. One tow vehicle and food trailer may remain in the designated food trailer parking lot. No other cars are allowed in the food trailer parking lot. 
  • You will not be able to drive to your team tent. PNRA staff will help unload as possible but parents are encouraged to bring wagons and hand trucks.
  • Absolutely no vehicles will be permitted in the team food trailer parking area on Saturday until after the completion of racing.
  • PNRA staff will assist parents dropping off food on Saturday with golf carts. However, parents are encouraged to bring wagons and hand trucks in order to avoid waiting in line for a golf cart.
  • Aggressive food tent parents will lead to the team's exclusion from the regatta without refund.
If you have volunteered for a regatta before or are interested in helping run the Mercer Lake Sprints please email There are several areas in which you can help:
  • Launch Drivers
  • Finish Line
  • Dock Masters
  • Parking
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Registration
  • Hospitality
2014 Mercer Lake Sprints Sponsors

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