Day 1 Georgia Training Trip:

Hello friends and family!

After a longer than expected bus ride, we were all very excited to arrive at Yo Pizza in Augusta around 10pm for dinner.  We were greeted by their extremely friendly staff who kindly stayed open for our late arrival. We had a delicious dinner and then headed to the hotel for some much needed sleep. 

In the morning we had quick breakfast at the hotel then Coach Steve led a group run over to the boathouse which is only about a mile away. Our first row was all about loosening up after the long bus ride and getting a feeling for being on the water again.  After practice we enjoyed lunch at the boathouse. Instead of heading back to the hotel, we went to the grocery store to pick up some essentials including sparkling apple cider, donuts, and of course fresh fruit too. 

The real excitement came this afternoon when Coach Justin saved the day by filling in for an injured rower. Justin picked up rowing right where he left off and was feeling quite confident by the end of practice. He was even quick to correct coxswain Nikhil when he made a mistake. Nikhil: “3 and 4 add in” Coach: “I’m already in guy!

-Team Captains