Adult Summer Rowing League


**UPDATE as of June 1, 2020. Unfortunately, we will need to cancel this program for the summer 2020 due to circumstances with COVID-19. We look forward to bringing the program back in 2021!**

**As of May 19, 2020, we are still planning to hold the Adult Summer Rowing League. In order to run the program, Governor Murphy will need to allow Phase 2 or 3 of his “Road to Recovery” plan for NJ (we are currently in Phase 1). When/If this happens, and we are allowed to hold the program, we will follow very strict protocols to insure the health and safety of our rowers and staff.  Updates to changes or cancellations will be posted on this page.**

Summer 2020 will mark the third summer in which The Princeton National Rowing Association will offer the Adult Summer Rowing League. This is designed to be a non-competitive, fun introduction to the sport of rowing. It will take place at the Caspersen Rowing Center on Mercer Lake. Please fill out an interest form here with more information to follow. Feel free to contact Hilary Gehman with any questions.

Participants must be over the age of 18.

General Program Details:

  • Program will be run over an 8 week period, starting June 22 and ending Friday, August 14
  • Teams will consist of 8 to 10 people
  • If you do not have an organized team, the program manager will create teams from interested individuals
  • Each team will row in an 8 person boat (shell) and an experienced coxswain will be provided*
  • Each team will have a coach for the duration of the program
  • The program will take place on weekday evenings from 5:45 to 7:15 p.m., the exact days will be determined by each team as well as coach availability
  • Cost of the program is $250 if you choose one day, or $425 for two days per week (see below for payment links)
  • There will be a *FUN* league competition at the end of the program on Friday, August 14 in the evening. Family and friends are welcome to come and watch and join in the post competition BBQ

*Your team may provide a coxswain if the person has coxing experience

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have never rowed before in my life, will I be at a major disadvantage?

NO – this is the perfect introduction to rowing for people who have never rowed. It’s also great for people who rowed a long time ago (maybe a semester in college way back when…) as well as people who are more experienced but just don’t have the time, energy, or commitment to row on a competitive team.

Q: Will the boat flip over?

Highly unlikely. While accidents do happen occasionally, it’s very rare for an 8 person rowing shell to flip or sink. The coaches are trained to recognize unsafe weather or water conditions and your boat will not go on the water in dangerous conditions (thunder/lightening or excessive wind).

Q: What can I do to prepare for the program?

Rowing is a mostly aerobic activity that utilizes the whole body – legs, torso/trunk, and arms. While we will not be doing highly strenuous or intense rowing (the emphasis is on fun here), you should have some very basic fitness and strength. (For example: the boats weigh approximately 200 pounds which dispersed over 8 people, equals about 25 pounds per person to carry.) PNRA is hosting an event at the Caspersen Rowing Center on June 9 for National Learn to Row Day which is a great opportunity to get a head start on the basics of rowing and get in a rowing shell before the program begins.

Q: Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

In the unlikely event that you end up out of the boat and in the water, you should know how to swim but the coach’s motor boat will immediately come to get you out of the water. You should be comfortable being in the water but you would not need to swim away from the rowing shell.

Q. What is the deadline to register and pay?

Teams will be formed on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you register, the more likely you will be placed on a full team. We would like to have all teams formed by mid-May and full payment no less than one week prior to the first session,

Q: I am on vacation for part of the summer and will miss a few sessions, can I still be on a team?

Sure! Ideally each team will have 10 people which will accommodate people missing a session here or there.

Q: If my team has 10 people and there are only 8 seats, will there always be 2 people out of the boat?

The coach will rotate everyone into the boat so each person will have the opportunity to row during each practice session.

Q: How do I register and pay for the program?

Click one of the links below to pay online:

Individual one day per week ($250)

Individual two days per week ($425)

Team ($2000)

Or send a check made out to PNRA to:

Hilary Gehman
1 South Post Rd
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Have a question that is not answered above? Contact Events Manager Hilary Gehman at or 609-799-7100 x107