The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives. PNRA’s commitment to providing a safe environment for all participants in our programs extends to taking steps to minimize the transmission of the disease. As part of this, PNRA has adopted the following COVID related policies and guidelines. These have been developed taking into account recommendations and restrictions including those of the CDC and the State of New Jersey Department of Health. As with all things related to COVID-19, these policies and guidelines will be updated as the situation, recommendations and restrictions change.

Face Masks
Face masks will not be required except in specific instances. Those participants who wish to wear face masks are welcome to do so.

PNRA strongly encourages all athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers to stay up to date with vaccinations and boosters. Participants may be asked to provide their vaccination status.  Note: Some regatta locations may require that all participants traveling to that venue be fully vaccinated (e.g. Canada).

In order prevent the spread of all illnesses, it is critical that participants stay home when symptomatic, get tested and contact your healthcare professional as needed. If a participant will not attend practice or competition, they should report the absence on TeamSnap.

All participants who experience symptoms of COVID-19 should test, and if positive, isolate for 5 days.

Mild Symptoms

  •  If symptoms resolve, the participant may return on day 6, wearing a mask on days 6 through day 10.
  • If a participant has two negative COVID tests taken 48 hours apart after day 5, the participant may stop wearing the mask before day 10.
  •  If a participant is unwilling to mask on days 6 through day 10, they must stay home and return on day 11.

Moderate or Severe Symptoms

  • If symptoms are moderate (shortness of breath or problems breathing) or severe (hospitalized or weakened immune system), the participant must stay home through at least day 10 and return after being cleared by a medical professional.

All symptomatic participants must be tested and receive clearance from a medical professional to return to practice or competition.

Unvaccinated participants who have had a documented positive test for COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to exposure and who remain asymptomatic are exempt from quarantine.

When an unvaccinated participant has been notified that they have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual and they are asymptomatic, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Test immediately upon notification.
  • Home rapid tests are acceptable.
  • If negative, return to practice or competition.
  • If the close contact is a household member, the participant should remain at home for 5 days and return on day 6 with a mask for days 6-10, unless isolation in the household is being strictly followed and exposure to the household member was limited prior to the positive test.
  • Retest on day 5 after exposure; if negative, continue to attend practice.
  • Follow procedures for additional precautions including masking and distancing.

If the test is positive, immediately isolate for 5 days and return on day 6, if symptoms have reduced, with a mask for days 6 – 10.