STEM to Stern

The Princeton National Rowing Association (PNRA) is partnering with STEM to Stern and the Princeton University Rowing Programs to eliminate barriers to participation in rowing and STEM education. 

Many students from underserved communities face barriers including lack of transportation and swimming competency as well as cost and underrepresentation. STEM to Stern addresses these barriers through local and national partnerships to ensure that all students are able to participate on rowing teams, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or address.  STEM to Stern enables rowing clubs to be more inclusive, competitive and accessible to everyone and uses rowing to unite students from different communities.

In addition to increasing access to rowing, STEM to Stern also provides participants with high quality STEM education. STEM activities excite and engage students and develop critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.  Each curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of the students involved.  Both STEM fields and rowing programs have historically excluded students from underserved communities.  STEM to

Stern provides access, breaks barriers and increases equity. We’re excited to have this program at our club. 

PNRA is working with the coaches and athletes of the Princeton Universty Rowing Programs to bring the STEM to Stern program to the middle school students in the greater Trenton, New Jersey, area.  The Hamilton YMCA is supporting the Program to provide swimming lessons.

PNRA’s STEM to Stern began in the fall of 2021 and we are now into our third year.  If you are interested in participating as a student or want to learn more about the Program please contact Bruce Boyd (

The goal of STEM to  Stern is to remove barriers and to bring students together.  Through this program, PNRA becomes a stronger, more inclusive club that serves and represents our entire community.

For more information about the national STEM to Stern program, please see the website:

For more information on PNRA’s STEM to Stern Program or other outreach and inclusion activities contact Bruce Boyd ( or 609-954-2033)

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