This Week at Mercer: 11/2 – 11/8

Welcome to the last week of the fall rowing season!  With the Frostbite and Braxton regattas this weekend, there’s a lot of info that will be available on this page throughout the week — please keep checking for updates from coaches and parent coordinators.  We still need some volunteers for the Braxton Regatta — know that if your child is racing during your volunteer time slot, someone will fill in for you during the race so you can go watch and cheer (you can ask any Mercer parent to jump in for a bit).  We will also have a food tent (located on the marina side of the lake just up the course from the timing tower) for breakfast and lunch the day of the Braxton — please sign up below to pitch in for the potluck.

Here are some links that will help you plan for the weekend:

Regatta Websites:

Volunteer Sign-Up Links:

  • For Braxton volunteer jobs, sign up here.
  • For Braxton potluck items, sign up here.

Licensed Launch Boat Driver Sign-Up Links:

  • For Frostbite launch boats, sign up here.
  • For Braxton launch boats, sign up here.