Head of the Halloween and Head of the Schuylkill

Head of the Halloween:

When: October 29, 2016. 10 AM-1 PM

Where: Mercer Lake

Who: All athletes (varsity and novice) not participating in the Schuylkill

Additional Info: In the spirit of Halloween we are encouraging kids to dress up in costumes and then compete in an around the lake (ATL) race. The line-ups for these boats will be mixed between varsity and novice, girls and boys. Parents are encouraged to come and watch the racing!

Head of the Schuylkill:

When: October 30, 2016. 8:30-12

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Who: The top two boats of novice rowers (boys and girls). Line-ups below.

Additional Info: Uniforms will be the Mercer T-shirt and black/dark blue spandex (length doesn’t matter, stay warm!). The temperature for Sunday is forecasted at 49 and then warming up to 55. Please pack layers! Bring a lunch with you and eat a filling breakfast before heading to the course. Drop athletes off at our trailer no later then 8:30 AM. We need time to rig our boats and prepare for our races. After the boats are back on the trailer you are excused to return home with your parents/ride. Please click HERE for the regatta website and spectator information.

Carpooling will be arranged during practice so please let you son/daughter know if they will be needing a ride. Also, let your rower know if you can provide a ride to someone who may need it. Carpooling will be ready by Wednesday so parents have plenty of time to prepare for the weekend.


Novice Girls                                                                        Novice Boys

c- Helena                                Paige                                   c-Deven                              Kira

Boat-G3                                   G2                                       Boat-Rusty Wales             San Diego Squad

Oars-White/Green               Single Red                          Oars-White/Yellow          Single Blue

8-Shannon                             Fiona                                   8-Grant                               Sachin

7-Sylvie                                   Olivia                                   7-Nick Casilli                     Haven

6-Catherine D                       Amelia                                  6-Eli                                    Will S

5-Caitlyn                                Kate D                                   5-Will G                             Nick Cushman

4-Charlotte                            Audrey B                              4-Chris W                          Jake B

3-Kristen                                Hannah S                             3-Jack Daab                     John N

2-Eveline                                Maggie (Margaret)            2-Ben                                  Joe D

1-Nathalie V                           Sarang                                  1-Alex F                             Jack W