Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee

The Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee of the Princeton National Rowing Association Board consists of five members, three  of which are ‘Mercer Alumni’ and two (2) of which are parents or guardians of current Mercer Junior  rowers.  The Mercer Alumni committee members have either themselves participated as athletes in the Mercer Junior Program, have been  parents or guardians of past Mercer Junior rowers, or have participated in the Mercer Masters Program.   Alumni committee members may not be employees of PNRA or parents or guardians of currently registered rowers in the Mercer Junior Program. The committee members are appointed by the PNRA board, and all five serve as members of the PNRA board concurrent with their Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee membership. One committee member is appointed to the PNRA Executive Committee.

The Committee responsibilities include:

  • development of a job description and annual objectives for the Mercer Rowing Program Director for approval by the PNRA board. The Program Director manages all elements of the Mercer Rowing Program. The Program Director reports to the PNRA Executive Director while Mercer Rowing Program coaches report to the Program Director.
  • working with the Mercer Rowing Program Director to determine an annual budget for the Mercer Rowing Program, including: the number of full and part‐time coaches needed, off‐site training sessions, number of competitive events (both home and away), equipment  purchases, maintenance, and allocated PNRA expenses such as facility maintenance, utilities, and launches. The annual Mercer Rowing Program budget will be reviewed and approved by the PNRA Board, and is part of the overall PNRA budget.
  • developing, and periodically updating, a three to five year master plan for the Mercer Rowing Programs.

Members of the Mercer Rowing Committee for 2016-2017 are:

Kristin Appelget, current participant, Mercer Masters Program

Mary Agnes Brodowski, current parent, Mercer Junior Program

David Kuhlman, alumni parent, Mercer Junior Program

Stephen Parker, current parent, Mercer Junior Program

Jamie Tanguay, current participant, Mercer Masters Program and alumni parent, Mercer Junior Program

During the fall of 2016, the Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee conducted a survey of the current and past participants in the Mercer Rowing Programs.  A report with the results of the Fall 2016 Mercer Rowing Survey can be found here.