Mercer Varsity Update: Week 1&2!!

Hi All!

We’re wrapping up week two with our varsity team and wanted to update parents and families about our season so far! The first few weeks are all about reconnecting with friends, the team, and the boathouse after our summer break.

There will be Varsity practice this Sunday, September 18th! The boys will practice from 8-10, and the girls will practice from 10-12. Typically we will have extra practices on Saturdays, but due to the parent meeting and events on the lake, Saturday is not an option this weekend.

Week one was focused on land conditioning and meshing our rising novice with the returning varsity members. Erging, running, and circuits were used to get our athletes into a competitive but team oriented mindset that we hope to keep building all year.

Week two we finally returned to the water! The weather was fantastic and we even had an inter-squad, around the lake showdown. We launched 10 mixed line-up boats and had some serious racing going on (by 6s)!

The results:

Trat 18:50.6
Jkow 18:59.9
Weir 19:13.7
Becca 19:23.0
San Diego 19:28.6
Snieckus 20:28.1
Caspersen 20:34.4
B3 20:47.3
No Name 21:39.9
B2 21:40.0


Whenever we come back from a break it is vital to focus on our technique. Mixed line-ups help coaches see where the group needs extra attention, and where the rowers are excelling.

This year we will be focusing on how to be upstanding teammates to one another. Rowing is built on trusting your teammates to support you through hard workouts, long pieces, winning, and losing. Every person is vital to the team, and as coaches we look forward to working with each and every rower.

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” –Jesse Jackson


Go Mercer!