Nationals/ interim training

Hi everyone!

For those of you waiting for Nationals info, boat selection continues and we will be sending detailed travel info soon! The athletes will be traveling Very early Wednesday, June 10 and returning home Monday, June 15. Trip cost is still being finalized but breakfast will be included each day. Everyone will bring money, and lunches and dinners will be on your own, by boat, each day. We will have an all-team goodbye beach dinner on sunday night.

Those athletes not in nationals training, the boathouse remains open and all are encouraged to continue training each day. The coaches are posting daily land workouts (which mirror the nationals workouts on water).

More info soon!

Oh and…

Very important!!!! ALL MERCER ATHLETES SHOULD BE VOLUNTEERING TO WORK AT IRA’s. We would also greatly appreciate any time parents/friends/family can commit as well, particularly on Friday!

Thank you!