Novice Week 1 Wrap-Up:

Wow! That first week went by quickly! Coach Zach and I had such an amazing turn out for the first week of practice, 37 boys and 47 girls. Practice was all about getting to know the team and the sport, we even had our first timed run.


All our rowers were able to get in boats and take some strokes out on the lake! The learning curve for new rowers is HUGE, so patience and hard work are going to be vital for the coming practices. Coach Zach and I are trying to take out as many boats as we can with the help of some fantastic assistant coaches. Not all rowers will be able to go out in a day, but we will be doing our best to seat as many rowers as possible.


Meeting our newest additions to the team was so much fun! We can’t wait to see how much we improve as a team this fall, and most of all we can’t wait to watch them race in October and November.

If you are unable to attend the novice parent meeting please send me an email for important information at


Go Mercer!


Coach Amanda