Info for Navy Day Parents & Spectators

Just a few notes to help you plan your afternoon on the Schuylkill tomorrow:

1.  Coach Justin posted information about Navy Day below – please follow the links he provided for venue information and note the updated time changes below his “Navy Day Information” post.  The first Mercer race is now scheduled for 3:10 pm, and other race times have changed as well.  Please have your athlete at the trailer at least two hours prior to his or her race time.

2.  Since the race schedule is relatively short for Mercer, each athlete should bring his/her own food and drinks.

3.  It’s likely that you will not be able to park on Kelly Drive but will instead be directed to park up on the hill and walk or take the free shuttle down.  The Navy Day website currently reads that only coaches and athletes will be permitted to park on Kelly Drive, but be sure to print out this pass so you can drop your child off at the trailer next to St. Joe’s boathouse before finding a place to park.

4.  Mercer fans will be meeting near the grandstand again.  Look for the Mercer flag, not the tent this time.  We will try to set up in the same area as we did for IDR and the Philly Youth Regatta, but since there are more teams competing (Navy Day includes collegiate races), space may be at a minimum. You might want to bring a chair or blanket and, like for the rowers, whatever snacks and drinks you’d like for yourself.

5.  Mercer’s results can be found here (*Please note that the Men’s Varsity 8+ results have been changed from the initial Navy Day posting of 7th place — they actually got FIRST!)

Please feel free to call any of the parent coordinators if you have any questions, and GO, MERCER!