Regatta Volunteer Job Descriptions

It takes many hands to run a regatta — here is a list of the volunteer jobs required and a brief description of each:

Volunteer Positions Include:

  • Parking (boat trailer, food trailer, upper marina, spectator)
  • MJRC Food Tent (set up, cleanup, grill master, worker)
  • Information (crew check-in, visiting team tent assignments, and volunteer check-in)
  • Hospitality
  • Race and sponsor announcer
  • Stake Boats
  • Dock Master (launch and return)
  • Timing
  • Courtesy cart driver (parents only)
  • Runner
  • Awards/medals
  • Marina Side Clean up
  • Launch Boat Driver*

Job Descriptions:


We have many different parking jobs in different locations. Parking is incredibly important because this is where we make the majority of our income from the regatta.  Those who sign up for parking positions should check in at the volunteer table by the timing tower upon arrival and then head to your station.

  • Trailer parking and food trailer parking are two different jobs and are needed prior to the start of a regatta. Trailer parking directs team boat trailers to their spots for the weekend and is located by the marina at the midway point in the course. (You are directing coaches where to park their boats.)
  • Food trailer parking is in the lower lot closest to the timing tower. This is where the parents who are responsible for food tents for their teams park their food trailers. You will hand out trailer parking passes and help direct loading and unloading of food tent items.
  • Upper marina parking is not as much a parking job as it is a NO PARKING job. You will be stationed at the entrance to the marina parking lot with a park ranger. Only boat trailers and race officials will be allowed in. You will direct all other vehicles (coaches, trainers, parents etc.) to other lots.
  • Spectator parking is our primary source of regatta revenue. You will be responsible for collecting parking fees and directing cars where to park.

Stake Boat:

Stake boaters lie on the start platform, holding boats for the start of the race. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring a yoga mat or towel to lie on.

Food Tent:

  • Food Tent Set-up occurs the night before and morning of the regatta and involves unloading and setting up the tent, grill, tables, coolers, etc.
  • Food Tent workers set out the food and keep it replenished and moving.
  • Food Tent Grill Master works the grill.
  • Food Tent Clean-up cleans up and loads food tent supplies back into the trailer.

Dock Master:

All visiting teams launch from and return to docks on the marina side of the lake, while Mercer boats launch from and return to the boathouse side.

  • Launch dock checks off launching teams for their event, checks equipment, and manages the flow of traffic in and out of the dock area.
  • Return dock collects bow numbers and manages flow of traffic off the docks.


Hospitality is located in the marina area and is responsible for feeding the race officials, launch boat drivers, and regatta volunteers.

Timing and Results:

Timing is an indoor job. You will sit inside the timing tower at the finish line and record official times of the races. You may also post the results on the scoreboard, run resultsto officials, or work the finish line flag.

Race and Sponsor Announcer:

Broadcasts the race from the roof of the timing tower, announcing the lane assignments, sponsors, and basic race info.  A familiarity with how to pronounce team and event names is helpful here.


  • Team and Volunteer check-in hands out regatta packets to visiting crews, checks in volunteers, calls volunteer no-shows and juggles volunteers (if necessary), hands out t-shirts and regatta volunteer vests, and answers all kinds of venue and regatta-related questions.
  • Team Tent Assignments:  Visiting teams will have pre-purchased tent spaces for their food tents. You will help them find their assigned spot (juggling if necessary), assign last-minute spots, and collect payments.  You, too, will answer all kinds of venue and regatta-related questions.

Courtesy Cart Driver:

Drives a golf cart to help transport people and food tent supplies for visiting teams as well as helps those with difficulty walking from parking to and from the course.


Shares a cart with a partner and helps with all the odd jobs that pop up during the regatta (restocking TP in port-a-potties, driving regatta workers, delivering messages).

Awards and Medals:

Assists with the distribution of medals to rowers.

Marina Side Cleanup:

Picks up signage around venue and places results board in tower. Removes all stakes and tape from team tent areas and parking grounds. Provides general event cleanup.

*Launch Boat driving is staffed separately by Randy Borup. You must have a valid boating license in order to volunteer for this job.  If you have a license and are interested in driving but have not been in contact with Randy, please email him at


On the day of your shift . . .

Report to the Volunteer Check-In table 15 MINUTES BEFORE your shift begins.  The Volunteer Check-In table is located beside the finish line timing tower, which is across the lake from the Caspersen Boathouse.

DIRECTIONS to finish line timing tower:  Enter the park through either of the main Mercer Park entrances and follow the road until you see the signs for Regatta Parking.  Park in this lot — FREE to all Mercer volunteers — and walk down the utility road toward the finish line timing tower.

A MAP of Mercer County Park can be found here.