Novice Boy’s Lineups for Braxton

Novice Boy’s are to arrive no later 10:45AM on Sunday.  Our races are scheduled between 12:20-12:50PM, things can change with weather. If everything stays on schedule we should be finished by 2:00PM.  The lineups for the race is below:

Novice Boy’s Braxton Regatta
12:27 PM 12:33 PM 12:39 PM
Diana Annie Nicole
Joe S. Morolayo Alex B.
Andrei D. Ty B. John M.
Brady S. Connall O. Kevin G.
Enzo C. Chris T. Jake N.
Brain R. Shaunak K. Jackson I.
Chirs S. Christian M. Isaac O.
Spencer S. Aidan V. Michael J.
Will G. Akiel C. Curran F.