Day 2 Georgia Training Trip:

Today the docks were partially submerged in the water, so all the rowers enjoyed a refreshing knee-deep dip in the river when bringing their boats to the dock. After last night’s rain, the river current was especially strong, so shout out to our 4 amazing coxswains, Hannah, Nikhil, Colleen, and Caroline for an excellent job maneuvering the Savannah River.

Senior David Pe was flown in to save the day and relieve Coach Justin of his temporary rowing duties. Thanks David, for being flexible and being willing to jump on a plane with such short notice!

We would also like to extend a thank you to our bus driver Jay, who likened his job to that of a coxswain. Couldn’t be more accurate, except Jay is in charge of 4 times the rowers that each coxswain is! After driving us to Saratoga last year and now Georgia, Jay is practically part of the team!


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