Day 3 Georgia Training Trip:

Last night after our last post, we had a team outing to Brunswick Zone for some bowling. We all enjoyed a little friendly competition! Special thanks to the Levine family for organizing this fun event! Today was a great day on the Savannah! It was really wet all day and we rowed in the morning. Deborah, our cook, made some delicious pasta salad for lunch that we gobbled up so quickly!

Due to inclement weather conditions, we ended up taking a spin class at a nearby Oxygen Fitness studio! The class featured everything we needed to get ourselves pumped up for a great workout including loud music, colored lights, and even thunder and lightning effects. Oh man was it steamy in there! Afterwards we partook in some hot yoga that loosened us up. Even though we missed out on our afternoon row, we got in a great workout. It is safe to say we were all very grateful to get back in our beds for some much needed rest!


Day 3