Mercer Novice Update: Week 6!

Mercer Novice Parents/Athletes,

The season is quickly coming to an end! Coach Zach and I are so excited by all the improvements our athletes have made in the past few weeks!

We have to big races ahead – Regionals (next weekend) and MAPL (Saturday May 14th). Next weekend is the US Rowing Mid Atlantic Regionals. The event is held on both Saturday and Sunday. With 19 entries in the Girls’s Youth Novice 8+ event and 16 in the Boy’s Novice 8+ the athletes will have a chance to progress through heats, semis and finals. A progression entails that during the course of the heats and semis boats will advance to the next round or be eliminated depending on how they place in their race.

An official schedule has not been released. However, it is expected that all novice eights will race the heats in the afternoon on Saturday, semis on Sunday morning, and finals late Sunday afternoon.

PNRA is still in need of for volunteers for next weekend. We ask all families contribute four volunteer hours for this regatta! Please sign up here.

Once I have the schedule and lane draws I will send out an email detailing all regatta information.

Below is a list of novice girls expected to race next weekend. Coach Zach will be sending his racing roster out by Sunday. It is expected that all athletes racing are at practice everyday the week leading up to a race.

Olivia A
Emaan A
Milana A
Anika B
Chloe C
Sophie C
Erin D
Drishti D
Ruhee D
Eveline E
Olivia ED
Amy G
Lauren G
Kristen H
Erin H
Paige H
Sunny H
Elena K
Aylin K
Morgan L
Olina L
Ellie M
Parkie M
Abby M
Mary O
Maddy P
Alexa S
Neha S
Hiran S
Caroline S
Charlotte S
Krithika V
Holly W
Sarah W
Eileen Y
Audrey X

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to a great Friday practice!



Coach Maddie

609-799-7100 x103