2016 Varsity Boys Canadian Henley Roster

Athletes on the Henley roster must complete this waiver ASAP. Follow this link to fill out the wavier. It’s due tomorrow @ 11:59pm.

More information about the trip will be posted tomorrow with the departure time, lodging, trip fee, etc.


Coach Justin

Alex Brodowski
Andrew Hickey
Andrew Moss
Annie Huber
Brian Radvany
Carter Levine
Chris Silva
Danny Stoddard
Derek Piccinich
Enzo Couillens
Erik Wicks
Evan Kitner
Henry Evans
Hutch Collins
Jack Gallagher
John Tanguay
Julius Ferenc
Kate Takacs
Lachlan Mersky
Leon Dang
Luke Small
Magnus Andresen
Pavel Zhelnin
Rex Berger
Rudhra Veerappan
Ryan Htuzley
Sarah Brune