Mercer Rowing Survey Results

Thanks to the many of you who participated in the Mercer Rowing survey this fall.  Linked here you will find our report on the results.  About half of the Mercer junior families and a majority of current masters participants responded.
In a spirit of transparency, this is the full report, with actual results and anonymous quotes.  We have only omitted the appendix that included all the quotes, which we have read in detail and incorporated in the themes you see here.  Our goal is to present the results to you in a fair and balanced way, describing both positives and negatives plainly-glossing over nothing.
We are currently at work developing a multi-year strategic plan for Mercer, based on these results and the strong foundation we have to build on.
Should you have any comments or questions about the survey, please contact any member of the Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee.  Our email addresses are included below.
Many thanks, and Go Mercer!
The Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee
Kristin Appelget
Dave Kuhlman
Stephen Parker
Jim Stoddard
Jamie Tanguay