Regionals Updated Schedule


US Rowing has released its tentative schedule for Regionals this weekend. The link to the schedule is below. Please be advised that the goal is to complete both the Time Trials (TT) AND the Finals on Saturday. However, the initial priority is to complete the TT Saturday. If the weather in the afternoon permits, US Rowing will run the Finals. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, US Rowing will move the Finals to Sunday. If the Finals are indeed rescheduled to Sunday, USRowing will prioritize Nationals Qualifying events. If the Finals need to be canceled, all Nationals Qualifying boats will be selected based off TT results. Please note that every effort will be made to hold all Finals in all events, but that there is a priority to finalize the Youth Nationals boats from this region.

Lightweight athletes and coxswains need to weigh in 2 hours before their race. You will not be able to weigh in before that 2 hour mark, or less than an hour before your race time. Please be on time!

The events Mercer will be competing in are listed below with updated times. The link below is the entire schedule including Saturday Finals. If the Finals are moved to Sunday we will update you Saturday night.

One last note:  a huge shout out to our fabulous food tent ladies, Tamara and Mary Agnes. They have planned for food on the Caspersen side during the Regatta. However, it is always wise to have your athletes pack food, snacks, and water bottles as well – with a long day of races, we want to make sure everyone comes prepared.



MY2- 9:05
WYLWT8+ 9:33
WY4+ 9:40
MYLWT4+ 9:51
MY4+ 9:58
WYLWT4+ 10:11
WY8+ 10:26
MY8+ 10:34
WYN4+ 10:54
MYN4+ 11:05
WY24+ 11:35
MY24+ 11:46
WU178+ 11:58
MU178+ 12:04
WYN8+ 12:10
MYN8+ 12:21
WY28+ 12:50
MY28+ 12:57
Lunch Break
MY2- 3:10
WY4+ 3:34
MY4+ 3:42
WYLWT4+ 3:50
WY8+ 3:58
MY8+ 4:06
WYN4+ 4:14
MYN4+ 4:22
WY24+ 4:46
MY24+ 4:54
WYN8+ 5:02
MYN8+ 5:10
MY28+ 5:34