2017 IDR Information


Mercer Parents/Athletes,

Our first summer regatta begins this Friday! Below should be all the information you need to know for the Independence Day Regatta!

TRAILER LOADING: As this is an away regatta the athletes will be loading the trailer tomorrow after practice. Please be aware that trailer loading can take some time and although we try to get off the water a tad early your child may be a little later than normal for pick up!

LOCATION: The regatta will be held in Philadelphia on the famous Schuylkill River! For information on directions please click here. The address to use for GPS is: 2200 Kelly Drive, Philadelphia PA, 19129 (Address is the St. Joe’s (Gillin) Boathouse).

DROP OFF: All athletes should arrive 2 hours before their scheduled race time. Please drop your athlete off at the Mercer boat trailer, which will be parked in the lot adjacent to the St. Joseph University (Gillin) boathouse. Once an athlete arrives at the trailer on race day we require their undivided attention and focus. Parent presence around the trailer causes distraction for both coaches and athletes. We ask that all parents remain at the big blue Mercer tent toward the finish line farther down the course. After your athlete’s race is over and they have been dismissed by their coach they are allowed to be picked up.

PARKING: Be aware that parking is extremely limited and that the section of Kelly Drive along the racecourse (from above the boathouse to beyond the grandstand) will be closed to traffic during the regatta. IN ORDER TO PARK AT THE COURSE, YOU MUST PRINT THIS PARKING PASS AND DISPLAY IT IN YOUR WINDSHIELD.

UNIFORM: All athletes are asked to arrive wearing the Mercer unisuit. If your athlete doesn’t have unisuit they should ask their coach for a Mercer T-Shirt.

WEATHER: Friday and Saturday are scheduled to be very hot. Please make sure athletes come prepared with sunscreen, water, hat, and sunglasses.

LINEUPS/SCHEDULE: Below you will find the lineups and schedule for the Mercer boats.  As the schedule might change please keep checking back to the blog for updates.

FOOD DONATIONS: The parent coordinators have asked athletes to donate the following items for the regatta to be dropped off at the trailer with your athlete.

If your LAST NAME begins with A-M, please send a case of water or Gatorade to share with the team.
If your LAST NAME begins with N-Z, please send a box of Clif bars or a few servings of fruit (bag of apples, bunch of bananas) to share with the team.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the athletes have varying race schedules and times that they need to be at the course, they should each bring whatever food (including lunch) they would like for the day.