2017 Club Nationals

Mercer Parents,

Our goal for this Summer Season was to include Club Nationals for all our athletes.  Unfortunately, we are only able to send a limited number of boats to this regatta.  There are several factors we have had to consider, but the main one is that we do not have enough coxswains who are available for the full length of the trip (the team will leave from the Boathouse on July 10 and return July 16.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing news to many athletes.  We are looking into another racing opportunity this summer for the athletes who are unable to compete in Ohio.

The coaches will be doing selection next week to determine the roster for Club Nationals.  If your athlete is unable to compete at this event, please have him/her let the coaches know by 5pm, Tuesday, July 4th.  We appreciate your letting them know so that they may set the line-ups as soon as possible, and can complete the planning for the trip.  We expect the fee for this trip to be $900-1,000/athlete.

With kind regards,

Justin Ochal
Program Director, Mercer Rowing