Novice and 8th Grade Information!


Fall season for the Novice and 8th Grade Development Team starts on Wednesday, September 6th, at 4 PM and will run until 6 PM. Please be on time to practice, and bring running shoes, a water bottle, hat, and sunscreen. Athletes should be prepared for warm weather.

Please have your athlete registered by the first day, and all forms completed and ready to hand in to Coach Amanda.

Caspersen Boathouse Location and Parking

The address for the Caspersen Rowing Center is 1 S.Post Road, West Windsor, NJ. Please note this is NOT the Marina or ‘The Boathouse’, which is on the other side of the lake.

If you are driving your athlete to practice, please DO NOT drive them all the way up to the boathouse- this area is reserved for coaches, staff, and buses. Rather, please drop your athlete off at the base of the parking lot; athletes will walk up to the boathouse from there. There will be parent volunteers the first few days to help set up the drop off system!

There are over 150 athletes registered for the Mercer Junior Programs this Fall. The parking lot will be busy, both at drop off and at pick up. We ask for your patience and appreciate you following the parking protocol. The athletes will know where to go, and will be able to find you at the end of practice. Safety is our primary concern!

Mandatory Novice and Development Team Meetings

Novice Team- Saturday, September 16th, 9 AM at the Caspersen Rowing Center

8th Grade- Saturday, September 16th, 11 AM at the Caspersen Rowing Center

At the meetings, coaches will explain more details about your respective programs. In the meantime, please refer to the Mercer Rowing section of the website for information.

Fall Novice Regattas

Mercer Lake Challenge, date TBD, Mercer Lake

Head of the Halloween, October 28th, Mercer Lake

Head of the Schuylkill, (1-2 Novice boats), October 29th, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia

Bill Braxton Regatta, November 12th, Mercer Lake

We look forward to seeing you September 6th!