Clothing and Lost & Found

Hello mercer friends and family!

This is a friendly reminder that Patagonia orders must be handed in TODAY to Coach Amanda so we can get our order in before the weekend. Please attach a check or cash to the order form payable to ‘PNRA’. Novices are NOT required to buy any gear, varsity need a uni and a Nike travel polo.

Our JL website will also be closing TONIGHT! For more information on this order please see our earlier blog post HERE. We do not handle any part of the JL order so if you have questions on sizing or delivery please reach out to their customer service or find the ‘Sizing and Measurements’ page. They have great examples of sizes on their website!

The Nike order form is available today and will be due next Wednesday, April 4th! This is the order for sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, hats, sports bras, and beanies. The payment method will be the same as for the Patagonia gear, check or cash brought in with the order form and turned in to Coach Amanda. The sizes are all normal EXCEPT THE WOMEN’S SWEATSHIRTS RUN ONE SIZE SMALL. I’m typically a ‘small’ but I have a ‘medium’ and it fits perfectly for example. All other clothing is standard sizing.

We have collected an impressive amount of Lost and Found items and will be donating the clothing next Tuesday, April 3rd. Please have your rower check the boxes in the erg room hallway to see if they can find any missing gear. The coaches go through it to make sure there aren’t any names on tags, so please encourage your rower to write their name (or at least initials) on the tag for a greater chance of the item being returned to the rightful owner.