Fall Clothing Order


The Fall clothing orders are currently open! The JL store link is below:


At the JL Team Store site, you can use your own credit card to order required team uniform items as well as training gear. The Novice do not need any item from JL, but the Varsity rowers need a uni. Everyone MUST get their order in by midnight (PST) on 9/19/2017. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase. Be sure to check out the FAQ page and the sizing tab if you have any questions regarding sizing and custom measurements.

If you have any questions please contact:
Amanda Klaiber-Short
Email:  aklaibershort@rowpnra.org
Phone: 609-799-7100 ext. 106
Planned delivery for Team Order: 11/3/2017

We are also offering a Nike order that will be due SEPTEMBER 16TH! We will not be accepting late orders. Please check the PDF below to see what we have this fall. *Nike sizing is fairly standard but the sweatpants (M & W) run long and the women’s sweatshirts run small.* For example, I am a women’s small 99% of the time and I fit into a medium sweatshirt perfectly. If you aren’t sure ask a teammate who may have the size you are considering. The colors on the PDF DO NOT reflect the colors we are getting, the actual colors are in the item descriptions. Varsity need a “game day polo” but Novice are not required to purchase anything.



Coach Amanda

Boathouse Usage

Good afternoon Mercer Junior Parents and Athletes,


This is just a friendly reminder that the boathouse is closed to all Junior athletes. If you are working the camp you are only allowed to use the boathouse for your camp counseling purposes only. The boathouse is still open for all Mercer Alumni.

Thank you for your understanding,

Coach Justin


2017 Club Nationals

Mercer Parents,

Our goal for this Summer Season was to include Club Nationals for all our athletes.  Unfortunately, we are only able to send a limited number of boats to this regatta.  There are several factors we have had to consider, but the main one is that we do not have enough coxswains who are available for the full length of the trip (the team will leave from the Boathouse on July 10 and return July 16.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing news to many athletes.  We are looking into another racing opportunity this summer for the athletes who are unable to compete in Ohio.

The coaches will be doing selection next week to determine the roster for Club Nationals.  If your athlete is unable to compete at this event, please have him/her let the coaches know by 5pm, Tuesday, July 4th.  We appreciate your letting them know so that they may set the line-ups as soon as possible, and can complete the planning for the trip.  We expect the fee for this trip to be $900-1,000/athlete.

With kind regards,

Justin Ochal
Program Director, Mercer Rowing


PNRA/Mercer Alumni

Hello PNRA/Mercer Alumni,

The boathouse will be open for your use this summer free of charge.

The hours you are able to use the workout space will be 5:30-7:00AM, 1:00-3:00PM and 6:00-8:00PM. If you plan to use the erg room this summer, please check in first with Coach Ochal to sign a wavier form.

If you would like to row on the water you will have to join one of our programs that we are offering this summer.



IDR Information

Hello, Mercer Parents,

This weekend is the first regatta of the summer:  the IDR in Philadelphia.  The event spans 2 days, with time trials on Friday, and races on Saturday.  Mercer has entered boats in both the U17 and U19 categories.  The coaches will post the line-ups shortly.  Here is what you need to know:

The Independence Day Regatta (IDR) is an “away” regatta on the Schuykill River in Philadelphia.  The City closes down Kelly Drive, which is the road that runs along the River on one side (fun fact:  Kelly Dr is named for Grace Kelly’s father).  Also, as it is 4th of July weekend in Philadelphia – the area will be particularly crowded.  This means you need to plan travel time accordingly.

Please drop your athletes off at the Gillin Boathouse, St Joseph’s University:  2200 Kelly Dr, Philadelphia.  Most phone apps recognize the location if you enter Gillin Boathouse.  It is NOT located on Boathouse Row, so please be sure to check before you get down there.   Please send water and snacks with your athlete!

We will have a Mercer tent set up on Saturday, farther down the course near the Grandstand.  The athletes will be up near the start; parents will be down near the finish.  This will be an informal affair, a place for us all to gather and cheer for our team.  In years past, parents have brought drinks, snacks, chairs.  There is no planned food, so it’s up to you whether you want to bring things to share.

Time trials and heats are on Friday.  Time trials are races that set the boats up for semi- finals on Saturday.  Not every boat that races on Friday will advance to the Saturday races.  They are set up in Heats, so they do race against other boats, as opposed to against the clock.  The finals are on Saturday.  Results are posted by the Grandstand or on www.regattacentral.com.

Where to park?  IDR offers parking passes to display on your windshield so you can park farther down the course near the Grandstand and beyond.  The pass allows you to get through the police barricades at either end of the course on Kelly Dr, which is useful when you are dropping off your athletes (the drop off point is inside the barricaded area).  In addition, many park up the hill from the course and walk down.  The passes are on the regatta website:  www.independencedayregatta.com.  Most of this is pretty self-explanatory when you get to the site, but feel free to give me a call if it looks confusing (it was to me my first time):  Jen cell (202) 360-8683.  

If your LAST NAME begins with A-M, please send a case of water or Gatorade to share with the team.

If your LAST NAME begins with N-Z, please send a box of Clif bars or a few servings of fruit (bag of apples, bunch of bananas) to share with the team.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because the athletes have varying race schedules and times that they need to be at the course, they should each bring whatever food (including lunch) he or she would like for the day.


Independence Day Regatta Travel Roster


Summer is under way and we are getting ready for our first summer regatta in Philadelphia from June 30th to July 2nd! This 3-day race will be packed with events so please keep your schedules open. The official schedule and additional information can be found here. Line ups will be posted early next week.

Below is the travel roster of all the rowers who will be competing at this event. If you cannot make it or have a scheduling conflict let your coaches know ASAP!


Boys Team
Lily Rooney
Ben Kioko
Andrei Dumitriu
Jack Mongeli
Dylan Costanzo
Sachin Patel
Thomas Closser
Preston Horoszeski
Brady Stergion
Leon Deng
AJ Fessler
Annie Huber*
Evan Kinter
Brian Radvany
Hutch Collins
Wenbo Li
Conor Knott
Herbert De Cokere
Derek Piccinich
Chris Walton
Carrie Malatesta*
Aiden Sarafin
Pavel Zhelin
Alex Gosek
Jake Bouldin
Spencer Stengel
Moe Delye
Alex Fradkin
Kira Sung*

Girls Team
Natalie Dee
Fiona Hitesman
Elizabeth Forrey
Bella Jaffe
Elyse Szych
Amelia Emison
Amy Garry
Nathalie Verlinde
Ava Wisnoski
Riley Gorman
Olivia Anderson
Hannah Szych
Emaan Anwar
Kendall Levine
Sunny Hu
Nora Hogan
Chloe Couillens
Alexa Sands
Catie VB
Morgan Linsley
Sophie Craver
Eveline Enthoven
Jackie Armetta
Helena Wolk
Sara Hansen
Haley Uliasz
Jackie Armetta
Caroline Galati
Erin Dobbs
Caroline Friedman
Taylor Veirling
Audrey Bush
Lauren Preston
Morgan Linsley
Julia Berdzik
Maddy Peel
Abby McAleer


JL Summer Store Now OPEN!


Our JL store is now open! If you are a varsity rower you NEED to have a Uni, if you are a novice we SUGGEST investing in a pair or two of trough. Back by popular demand we have added the Splash Jackets! For our masters we have the ‘curvy’ tank option added to the store.

If you need help with sizing check their sizing guide online, it is next to the shopping tab at the top of the page.


At the JL Team Store site, you use your own credit card to order, so all transactions will take place on the site. Everyone MUST get their order in by midnight (PST) on 6/7/2017. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase.

Regarding checkout; Please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen the order did not go through, please double check the information that you entered. 

If you have any questions please contact your team administrator.
Contact: Amanda Klaiber-Short
Email:  aklaibershort@rowpnra.org
Phone: 609-799-7100 ext. 106

Planned delivery for Team Order: 7/14/2017


Mercer End of Season Banquet!

Mercer Families,

Please join us to celebrate the Mercer Juniors and all their accomplishments this season! All families are invited to attend the Mercer Banquet on May 16th at 6pm. Please register ASAP!!!

When: May 16th – 6pm
Where: Hamilton Manor (30 Route 156, Hamilton Township, NJ 08620)
RSVP: $38 per person – Register here!
Attire: Business casual

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mercer Banquet 2017


Nike Gear and JL


If you ordered JL gear, the outerwear has come in and is ready to head home! Also, Nike gear has come in as well! If you ordered a Men’s Medium hoodie, Women’s XS pant, or Nike hat, these items are currently backordered and should ship in the next month.

We’re sorry for the delay! We will get your gear to you as soon as we can.

Also, we will be opening up another JL order soon for the summer season. Please keep your eyes out for another blog post with the link.


Weekend Reminders


Even though we have coaches and athletes leaving for Saratoga tomorrow we will still be running normal practices Friday and this weekend. The only change is *Sunday’s practice is OPTIONAL for varsity boys*. All other practices will be the same!

Nike gear is in! The final sweatshirts and sweatpants should be in by Monday so please check in with Coach Amanda for your gear. If you ordered JL outerwear the expected delivery date is May 2nd!

A final reminder to the athletes going to Saratoga to be at the boathouse by 3:45 so we can get wheels rolling by 4:15. Please bring a meal with you in the vans as we will only be stopping for a bathroom break and not a dinner break on the trip up.

Important things to remember if you are going to Saratoga:
-Uni/Mercer shirt
-Homework! (AP test season is upon us)
-Reusable water bottle
Please write your name/initials on ALL your gear to avoid confusion!


This Week at MERCER

Good Morning Parents and Athletes,

First, I would like to thank all of  those who volunteered this past weekend. Without your help and dedication to the Mercer Rowing Program, we wouldn’t be able to run such a great regatta this past weekend!!!

Just want to cover a few things that will be happening at the boathouse this week.

  1. Lost and Found will be donated on Wednesday, April 26th. Please have your child check to see if they are missing clothes. We also have a good collection of non-disposable water bottles. If your child is missing their water bottle please have them claim it.
  2. We will have our team pictures on Thursday, April 27th. Please have your child’s uniform ready for the picture. Novice will wear their Mercer t shirt; Varsity will wear their uni for the picture. In addition, we will take a senior college picture. Seniors, please bring a t-shirt or sweatshirt of the college you will be attending next year.
  3. Saratoga information will be posted tonight.


GO MERCER !!!!!!!



Nike Gear Order Form


The spring Nike gear order is now open! Click on the attachment below to find the form. Please note that this form must be printed, filled out, and then turned into Coach Amanda with a check for the full amount attached by MARCH 31ST! The colors of items in the pictures are not accurate so please read the item description for the correct colors.

This season we added sweatpants that go with our sweatshirts. They will be black and are cut longer than a normal pair of sweats, so please keep this in mind when ordering. I have also included a size chart to help. If you need further help with the size/fit please ask!


See you at practice! GO MECRER!


The Caspersen Rowing Center Is Open

Wednesday, March 15, 2017.
The Caspersen Rowing Center is open for today. There are icy spots on the access road and in the parking lot, so drivers are asked to drive with extreme care.

Due to the weather and indoor capacity constraints, the Varsity Girls Team will practice 3:45pm-5:45pm and the Varsity Boys Team will practice 5:45pm-7:45pm.

Masters will resume normal practice on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Storm Closure – March 14, 2017

Due to the forecasted snow storm, PNRA and the Caspersen Rowing Center will be closed on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. All activities and practices scheduled for Tuesday are cancelled. Athletes are encouraged to check with their coaches for alternative workouts.

The Caspersen Rowing Center will resume normal operations and practices on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.



We apologize for the later timing, we had some hang ups on getting the store open.

The PNRA Mercer team store is now OPEN. At the JL Team Store site, you can use your own credit card to order required team uniform items as well as training gear. Varsity need a team uni, we suggest the novice order a pair of trou (though this is optional), and the masters need the racing tank. Everyone MUST get their order in by midnight (PST) on 3/14/2017. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase.

There is information on the site to help you place your order. Click on this link or copy and paste it into the address field of your browser:


Regarding checkout; Please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen the order did not go through, please double check the information that you entered. The whole shipment will be delivered to PNRA and distributed through Coach Amanda.

If you have any questions please contact your team administrator.
Contact: Amanda Klaiber-Short
Email:  aklaibershort@rowpnra.org
Phone: 609-799-7100 ext. 106

Planned delivery for team kit: 4/17/2017

Planned Delivery for Outerwear: 4/28/2017

Thanks for your patience, GO MERCER!

JL Store Opening Soon, Practice Schedule Updates


Our JL Store will open soon! The shipping time is about 5-6 weeks so we should have our gear in before the Mercer Sprints in April. Varsity athletes need to have a “uni” to race in and we suggest our novice athletes purchase a pair of “trou” to race in. Novice are not required to purchase any gear, and the only item varsity needs is the unisuit. Late orders will delay our shipment so please order in the time frame provided.

The Varsity Spring practice schedule has been confirmed. They will practice Saturday from 10:30 AM-1 PM and Sunday from 7-10 AM. Tuesdays are now OFF for all varsity rowers.

Novice practice will be held this Saturday (3/4) from 8:30-10:30. This is the last practice of the Winter season for our novice rowers. We will be having OPTIONAL practices for novice rowers before spring season starts. These are open to all novice currently signed up for spring.

Boys: March 7th, 6-8 PM. This date is set. March 9th and 15th, 6-8 PM. These dates are tentative and weather permitting.

Girls: March 14th, 6-8 PM. This date is set. March 8th and 16th, 6-8 PM. These dates are tentative and weather permitting.

We will update the schedule at the beginning of each week once we know what the weather forecast will be. This is a great way to get some strokes in before the season starts!

We made it through the winter! GO MERCER!

Important Information! Please Read!


We are only 5 days away from the Mercer Indoor Row for the Cure! If you have not signed up for this event yet you can do so by clicking here. If you are unable to participate but want to donate to the cause please click here.

We have another Rowing Open House/Information Session coming up this Saturday from 2-4 at the Robbinsville Public Library. If you live in the area and want to show some support, come on by and help PNRA reach out into the community! Below is the updated poster so feel free to print it out and hang it around your town! A big THANK YOU to parents and rowers who have come out so far, let’s keep the momentum going!

Spring registration is now OPEN! Please make note of the updated Varsity schedule for Spring.

*Varsity Girls will start the new schedule Monday, February 27th. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 3:45-6:15. Saturday and Sunday: TBA. Tuesdays are off.

*Varsity Boys will start the new schedule Monday, March 6th. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 3:45-6:15. Saturday and Sunday: TBA. Tuesdays are off.

Look for our JL Gear Store soon! We will send out an update when the store is officially open, hopefully later this week. New varsity rowers will need to order a Uni, and we recommend Novice rowers purchasing a pair of racing trou (rowing spandex shorts).

We still have ergs available for purchase! They are $450 and can be easily transported in any vehicle. We also have a incline bench for sale for $100. This is a larger piece of equipment, so a larger vehicle would be needed to transport it.

That’s all for now! GO MERCER!

RowingOpenHouse Poster

Mercer Indoor Row for the Cure and More…


The Mercer Indoor Row for the Cure will be held February 26th starting at 9 AM. The event list and more specific times are located at Regatta Central. All novice, masters, and varsity teams are able to compete and can sign up here. If you cannot compete and wish to donate to the cause, please click here! Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

Some housekeeping items:

To the parents and families of athletes competing in Saratoga later this spring: there are extra hotel rooms available in the current block of rooms! The Queensbury Hotel has rooms available for $89 per night. Anyone interested can contact the hotel’s Sales Manager, Tom Sullivan, directly at (518) 792-1121 ext. 147 or tsullivan@thequeesndburyhotel.com and mention PNRA/Mercer.

Spring registration is now open! The link on our page will take you to Regatta Central and you will be able to finish the process on their website. Varsity practice will start March 6th and Novice practice will start March 20th.

We have a few more ergs for sale! The price is $450 per erg and they can be taken apart into two reasonably sized pieces for easy transport.

Stay warm and GO MERCER!

New Years Update!

Hello and Happy New Year!

We hope you had a warm and safe holiday break! Here are a few updates for the new year and the rest of winter season.

*Junior practice resumes TODAY, January 2nd, for the varsity team. Masters practice will begin tomorrow morning (1/3), and Novice practice starts Wednesday (1/4).*

*Remaining Patagonia orders can be picked up any time from 10 AM to 5 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Pick up will be from 12 PM to 8 PM Wednesday and Thursday. Please have payment ready or already turned in at time of pickup.*

*Concept 2 has started their 2017 Virtual Team Challenge! This event will run the entire month of January and is a great way to start the year off. Last year PNRA was ranked 20th in the WORLD for total meters rowed! All PNRA rowers must be signed up by January 16th, and all workouts done on an erg count. Parents and alumni are welcome to join. Here are the instructions for signing up:

  1. Go to log.concept2.com and click Sign Up on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Enter your information and create an account.
  3. Once your account is created find the Teams tab at the top of the page.
  4. Type in PNRA in the Find Teams box and PNRA/Mercer should come up. Click and now you’re part of the team!
  5. Last step. On the right side of the Teams page there will be a “Virtual Team Challenge” box. Inside will be a button to join the challenge. Click and remember to log your workouts throughout the month!*

*Mark your calendars for our first Row for the Cure Event! This indoor erg challenge will be February 26th at the Peddie School. Sign up is done individually through Regatta Central. All levels of rowers are welcome! Look for more information in the coming weeks.*


Patagonia Pick Up


The Patagonia order will be ready for pick up THURSDAY DECEMBER 22ND from 2-7 PM. Our junior teams do not have practice this week but the boathouse will be open for the clothing pick up. If you placed an order please bring a check or cash for the full payment. There will be a copy of your order form available in case you need a reminder of your full order and price.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions please contact Amanda at aklaibershort@rowpnra.org

Happy Holidays and GO MERCER!

Holiday Erg Hours for MJRC Alumni

Good Morning MJRC Alumni,

We will have the erg room open for those who are home from college and need to get those erg workouts in. The erg room will be open 8am – 10am, Monday-Saturday from December 19 through Dec 31. There will be a nominal fee of $50, payable by check to PNRA. If you have any questions please email me @ jochal@rowpnra.org



Saturday practice is cancelled


Due to the winter storm Decima and the predicted snow/slush/freezing rain, ALL Saturday practices are cancelled. Currently there is a Winter Storm advisory for Saturday morning and 1-2 inches of snow predicted. The snow may turn to rain later in the day which would make our roads icy and unsafe. A mass text was sent out using our texting system; if you did not receive one please text PNRA to 313131 to receive future messages.

Winter Updates!


We have some updates and reminders for the PNRA/Mercer community as 2016 comes to a close.

Winter is finally here, so the chances of inclement weather affecting the practice schedule are greater. Please make sure you are subscribed to our automatic texting service! This system allows us to quickly spread the word of a canceled or modified practice to all athletes and parents. Simply text PNRA to 313131 and you should receive a confirmation within a few minutes.

We have purchased new ergs and need to make room for them! We will have 10 ergs to sell to the Mercer community starting Monday the 19th, for $450 each. The ergs can be taken apart so they will easily fit into almost any vehicle (no truck bed necessary). We will also be selling trophy oars for $125. You will receive the entire oar, which will be painted in Mercer colors: blue with a red stripe down the middle. If you’re interested please talk to Justin Ochal or Kris Grudt.

As we look to the new year, we wanted to inform our rowers, parents, and PNRA community of the upcoming summer schedule. We know that travel arrangements need advanced notice, so with that in mind, here is the summer regatta schedule:

  • IDR, Philadelphia, June 30-July 2: Masters and Juniors
  • Carnegie Lake, July 7: Masters
  • Club Nationals, Bethel OH, July 12-16: Juniors
  • Philadelphia Youth Regatta, July 22: Juniors TBD
  • Canadian Henley, St. Catherine’s, ON: Masters TBD
  • Masters’ Nationals, Oakridge, TN, August 17-20: Masters TBD

Although the team has participated in the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta for the past 4 years, we are considering changing the schedule so the Juniors would instead compete at Club Nationals. While Canadian Henley was a terrific regatta, we have consulted with both physicians and trainers and they believe that high school age athletes need to take time off from rowing.

This year we took 6 weeks off after Canadian Henley and started our Fall season on September 12th. We believe that this put us approximately 3 weeks behind many of the other east coast clubs that we race. Club Nationals are typically held in mid July.  If we choose to compete at Club Nationals we would end the summer season earlier and be able to start the Fall season when our competition begins theirs. More information will be available soon!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! GO MERCER!

Patagonia Orders Due Tomorrow! (Dec 7th)


This is a friendly reminder that all Patagonia orders are due Wednesday, December 7th, at midnight. In order to get this delivered in a timely manner I will be sending the final form to Patagonia Thursday morning, no exceptions.

Your payment is needed before you can pick up your item/s. As soon as I know a possible date of delivery I will notify you of pick up times! As always, if there are any questions please contact me at aklaibershort@rowpnra.org.

Happy Holidays!

Coach Amanda

Patagonia Order Form! Due December 7th!


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! We have 3 more weeks until the next break and we are hoping to get the Patagonia gear in before the end of the year (this is tentative). Because of this timeline the order form will close WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7TH! This gives everyone a week to fill the order form out.  https://goo.gl/forms/AECxkRSupxK6Pi3U2

We have the same gear and team discount as last Spring: 1/4 zip sweater, rain jacket, and backpack. Pictures, color, and price are on the Order Form. This is a great holiday gift idea!

The order form will have 3 questions. This is an example of how to answer:

What do you want to order?  Women’s Better sweater

How many do you want? 2

What size? M & L (if you want 2 of the same size there is an ‘other’ option)

Their are enough blanks (asking “What do you want to order?”) for you to order one of every item. Checks can be mailed to PNRA or dropped off, please make them out to PNRA. Please contact me with any questions you may have! aklaibershort@rowpnra.org


2016 Head of the Charles Tentative Schedule

2016 Head of the Charles Tentative Schedule
Event: Women’s Youth 8+ Event: Women’s Youth 8+
Time Sunday, 10:05:00 AM Time Sunday, 10:05:00 AM
Boat: Trat Boat: Becca
Oars 2x Orange Oars 2x Blue
Athletes: Athletes:
C Caroline Galati C Lauren Preston
8 Katie Lustig 8 Sheila Kennedy-Moore
7 Celia Varga 7 Bridget Parker
6 Laila Shehab 6 Ciara Devenuto-Wyeth
5 Katryna Niva 5 Sarah Closser
4 Kieran Wild 4 Emmanual adamson
3 Catie Vinch Buck 3 Erin Heyeck
2 Sara Hansen 2 Gwyneth Lavery
1 Mia Barkenbush 1 Julia Berdzik
Event: Men’s Youth 8+
Time Sunday, 12:43:00 PM
Boat: Weir
Oars Skinny
C Katelyn Takacs,
8 Andrew Hickey
7 Julius Ferenc
6 Jack Gallagher
5 Carter Levine
4 Christopher Silva
3 Rex Berger
2 Enzo Couillens
1 Daniel Stoddard
Event: Women’s Master 4+ Men’s Master 4+
Time Saturday 10:45:00 AM Saturday 2:29 PM
Boat: Voorhees Black D-Haul
Oars 2x Orange 3x Blue
C Lulu Herman Sarah Brune
4 Cheryl Baldino Miles Truesdel
3 Sharon Waters Charles Gilbert
2 Kristin Appelget Michael Vaccaro
1 Terri Gruber David Potts

Justin Ochal Promoted to Mercer Rowing Program Director

August 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Justin Ochal has been promoted to the position of Mercer Rowing Program Director. In this role, Justin will lead and oversee all Mercer Rowing programs and will manage all members of the Mercer Rowing coaching staff.  Justin will continue in his role as the Head Men’s Team Coach.

Among his initial responsibilities, Justin will be leading the search for a new Head Women’s and Masters Coach, Novice Rowing Programs Coordinator/Coach, and assistant coaches.

Please join us in congratulating Justin on his new position.

Mercer Lake Algae Bloom

Mercer County Park and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection reported that there was a bloom of algae on Mercer Lake this past weekend (Aug 6-7, 2016).  While this type of algae bloom can produce toxins that are dangerous to humans, the toxins in the algae bloom on Mercer Lake was below the levels that are considered harmful to humans.    The initial bloom on the lake has subsided.   

Mercer County Park and the NJDEP are monitoring the lake for additional algae blooms.  At this point in time there are no reported blooms and the lake is open for general use.  PNRA is in close communication with Mercer County Park  and in event of a new bloom developing, we will take appropriate action which could include suspension of rowing activities. 

Algae blooms occur in stagnant water near the shore of the lake.  It is characterized by what looks like blue or green paint poured in or on the water.  Not all blooms produce toxins that are harmful to humans or animals.  Disturbing a bloom causes the toxins to be released and the toxins are local to the bloom.  On Mercer Lake, the bloom was on the south side of the lake near the dam.  There has been no algae bloom or activity reported on the rowing course in the middle of the lake or on the north side of the lake where the Caspersen Rowing Center is located. 

More information on algae blooms can be found in the following flyer issued by the NJDEP which can be found here.

 Kris Grudt


Help Support U23 Athletes!

Mercer Family & Friends,

This summer, Mercer will running our own U23 camp and the US Rowing U23 Women’s team will also be practicing in the area. With that, many athletes are looking for housing from approximately early June – late August. If you or anyone you know is interested in housing an athlete please email Maddie Alden!

Thank you for your continued support!


Mid-Atlantic Regionals Volunteer Sign-up

We are still in need of volunteers for this weekend’s races. If anyone is available and interested in volunteering for the event this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated! There is a full day of racing on Saturday (8 am to 7 pm) and a half day on Sunday (8 am to 1:30 pm). Please take a look at the sign-up link for available shifts.  Contact PNRA Events Manager Hilary Gehman (202-236-9733) with any questions.