Camden Race Information


The Steve Neczypor Regatta will be held this weekend on the Cooper River, near the Camden County Boathouse. The official website is HERE. We finally received our schedule for the regatta, the boats and times are listed below. Because most of our Varsity team is at a race in Boston this weekend we are sharing a trailer with another team (Kearny) to get to the race. This creates a few challenges but we have assigned each boat either loading the trailer (in the morning at our boathouse) or unloading the trailer after the races.

If your athlete is in the G3, G2, or the Novice boys boat they are expected to be at the boathouse Saturday morning to load the trailer (official time TBA tomorrow). From there we will head down to the regatta site and unload with the whole team. After the races end (hopefully after the 8+ final at 2) we will have the No Name and the Wolf rowers head to the boathouse to unload Kearny’s trailer. They will be free to leave once this is done!

ALL Novice athletes are expected to be at the trailer in Camden no later than 9 AM. We will let the athletes know where we have parked so they can find us once they arrive. After reloading the trailer after racing G3, G2, and the novice boys will be free to go. Parents can reach out to Jeb Barkenbush ( who will be manning the ever important parents tent! He will post the tent location on the parent Facebook page when he sets up in the morning.

Please reach out to your respective coach if you have any issues or questions! Thank you for your patience, the weather has made the timing of the regatta tricky but it was sorted out. Please bring extra layers and a plastic bag to keep your gear on land dry while you race (in case of rain/snow).

VW8+ Heat- 10:36 AM, Lane 3 (Final 2:00 PM)
Cox- Maura, Wolf
8- Kristen
7- Olivia E.D.
6- Emma
5- Elyse
4- Hannah
3- Elena
2- Amelia
1- Abby

W1N8+ Flight- 11:12 AM, Lane 4
Cox- Arya, No Name
8- Logan
7- Riddhi
6- Danielle
5- Camille
4- Lily
3- Ralya
2- Cara
1- Ava

W3N8+ Flight- 11:18 AM, Lane 6
Cox- Emma D, G2
8- Emily
7- Sanna
6- Elizabeth K
5- Arianna
4- Katherine G.O.
3- Julianna
2- Roohika
1- Anna

W2N8+ Flight- 11:24 AM, Lane 2
Cox- Reyna, G3
8- Eva
7- Catherine H
6- Emma P
5- Lydia S
4- Anika
3- Charvee
2- Tyler
1- Sara

MN8+ Flight- 11:36 AM, Lane 5
Cox- Dominic, SD Squad
8- Julian
7- Andrew G
6- Joe D
5- Colin
4- Will H
3- Ignacio
2- Jamil
1- Soren

WN4+ Flight- 1:06 PM, Lane 2
Cox- Arya, Korzo
4- Logan
3- Riddhi
2- Danielle
1- Camille

Thank you for reading and GO MERCER!!!