Mercer Lake Sprints

Good afternoon, Mercer Parents and Athletes,

Mercer Sprints will be held this weekend at Mercer Lake.  A few items to be aware of for the weekend:

ATHLETE DROP OFF:  Please drop athletes off at the boathouse and proceed to the opposite side of the lake for spectating.  After your athlete’s race is over, and they have been dismissed by their coach, you can return to pick them up.

MERCER TENT:  There will be a Mercer Tent set up on the Marina side of the lake, where we can gather and cheer.  This is always a fun place to be, with lots of food, and Mercer families and alumni cheering! Parents, please watch the races from the Marina side, NOT the Casperson side:  the coaches and the athletes need to focus on the races without distraction.  Thank you in advance for honoring this request.

ATHLETE INFORMATION:  Novice athletes are asked to arrive wearing the white Mercer racing shirt and black spandex. Varsity athletes are asked to have their Mercer Uni for racing.  Please make sure athletes have appropriate layers for the weather, and extra snacks and water. There will be food on the boathouse side for the athletes, but many of them will be at the boathouse for much of the day, and they should come prepared with extra food and drink. If you have not yet done so, please sign up to help with the food for the parent’s tent and the athletes.

VOLUNTEERS:  If you have not yet done so, please sign up to volunteer HERE.  We host Mercer Sprints, and our volunteers’ help is invaluable. Please sign up!

LINEUPS:  Lineups will be posted by Wednesday this week.

Mercer Sprints is the first big regatta of the spring when all our athletes get the opportunity to race.  It is also a great way for the Mercer community to come together, meet new people, and enjoy two full days of racing.  Thank you for helping make this event a success.