Thank You!

Good afternoon, Mercer Parents,

This weekend was a great opening start to the spring season!  Much of this success is due to the efforts of our parents.  I would like to extend a special thanks to the following people, who helped make this weekend run so smoothly:  

CRI Chaperones, who drove in traffic, brought food, and took care of our athletes in Boston:

Els Vandecandelaere

Chip and Susan Kalfaian

Dave Gallagher (the late van!)

Rose Barkenbush

Jill Morrison

Jen Closser

Hostess gifts for all the Mercer athletes in Boston:

Helene Gallagher

Feeding our athletes on their way to Boston:

Jim Armetta

Taking care of all things Neczypor in Camden:

Jeb Barkenbush

Thank you all.

Go Mercer!

Coach Justin