Varsity Girls Optional Morning Workouts

Good Evening,

This year, the varsity girls program has added some optional injury prevention and strength training sessions in the mornings. These workouts are meant to help prevent injuries throughout the season and gain strength/endurance. These are totally optional. I repeat these are optional. No attendance will be taken.  Attendance at these practices WILL NOT affect boat placement.

These will begin at 5:45am, and end by 7:00am. If someone has to leave early, they can just leave early. If you cannot make it, please do not worry. These are optional.

The girls will be lifting at the boathouse some days, and meeting at the Princeton stadium to run stairs and hills the other days.

The schedule is below. Again, these are optional.

9/6/2018: Boathouse
9/10/2018: Princeton Stadium
9/12/2018: Boathouse
9/14/2018: Boathouse
9/17/2018: Princeton Stadium
9/19/2018: Boathouse
9/21/2018: Boathouse
9/25/2018: Boathouse
9/27/2018: Boathouse
10/2/2018: Boathouse
10/4/2018: Boathouse
10/8/2018: Princeton Stadium
10/10/2018: Boathouse
10/12/2018: Boathouse
10/24/2018: Boathouse
10/26/2018: Boathouse
10/31/2018: Boathouse
11/2/2018: Boathouse

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Coach Matt