Spring 2019 varsity tryouts schedule and updates!

Hi everyone!

It may not feel like it but the spring season is here! Varsity tryouts start this week (tomorrow, March 4) and run through the Row for a Cure on Sunday, March 10.

If you have not already registered, please register for both tryouts (free) and the Row for a Cure ASAP!

Due to the weather predictions this week, the current plan is for the teams to follow the WINTER SCHEDULE. FOr those unfamiliar with this schedule, this means practice will be 4-6:15pm every day (except Mondays for the boys, which is 5:45-8pm). The boys are at warehouse Wednesday and Friday, and the girls are there Tuesday and Thursday. Coaches will announce any potential changes at practice and tell athletes if they should check back for updates the next day. We will continue to monitor the weather and try to post updates and make announcements at practice as we try to get out of the water this week.


Thanks and GO MERCER!

Coach Matt and Coach Jamie