Patagonia Order – Most Items Ready for Collection!

Hi Everyone!

Most of the Patagonia order has arrived and is ready to be collected.

Please see Coach Jules or Coach Arlynn to collect your items. 

Please see the below list – it includes the orders that are fully completed and ready for collection. 

Riley Cooper

Devon Reid
Sophie Cracer
Olivia Andersen
Teddy Schneider
Audrey Lucerne
Grant Smith
Eva Wojnvich
Andrew Griesinger
Lidia Krigeris
Heilbronn Family
Cara Barkenbush
Tyler Watton
Riley Sidebottom
Sean Miller
Nick Brennan
Sam Hicks
Noah Mothai
Caroline Adams
Patrick Murtland
Grace Brown
Elizabeth Krist
Dereck Quinn
Lindsey Bouldin
Katherine Kelly

If your name is NOT on the list, your items will be delivered soon – watch out for another blog post.

If there are any questions, please see Coach Jules.