Mercer Sprints Food Sign-Ups

Hi Parents,

We are launching our rookie year as Food Tent Coordinators this year. We will be posting the sign up list about a week before each regatta. For now, we will be sticking to foods that seemed to work well in the past:  salads, grilled proteins, fruits and sandwiches, with hot items mixed in depending on the regatta and the weather forecast. Our goal is to provide fresh, safe food items throughout the day. We are asking that items be in 8×10 disposable pans with a secure lid. Our hope is that smaller pans will be easily stacked in the coolers of ice, rotated out faster resulting in fresh food and less waste. We also plan to donate any unused food items we may have to a local shelter, so the smaller pans of food helps this cause also.  New this year will be a small portable generator, so crock pots will be usable should you plan to bring something special! We will also be using the grill (freshly power washed ) and sterno to heat items. The list will cover the basics, but feel free to bring anything you would like to add to it. We are also open to requests . . .

Here are the sign-up links:

Lori Wild and Helene Gallagher