US Rowing Waiver – Need to Sign to Race This Weekend

Mercer Novice Parents/Athletes,

The following novices need to sign the US Rowing Waiver to compete this weekend. There are two options of membership – Basic or Championship, for US Mid Atlantic Regionals athletes are required to have a Championship Membership so I suggest paying for that now.

To complete the waiver please go to – Under organization please search Princeton National Rowing Association and when prompted for the club code enter – ACY67.

Even if your athlete’s name is not on this list I would strongly suggest double checking their membership as they expire every year.

Please do this ASAP if your child is listed below:
Audrey X
Chloe C
Alexa S
Erin H
Neha S
Erin D
Sophie C
Kristen H
Mary O
Olivia A
Elena K
Hiran S
Olina L
Paige H
Emaan A
Milana A
Caroline S
Sunny H
Drishti D
Amy G
Abby M
Annie H
Brady S
Devon R
Alex F
Matt O
Ty B
Andrei D
Diana H
Alex G
Conall O
Andrew Y

Coach Maddie

609 – 799 – 7100 x 103

609 306 5453