Princeton National Rowing Association (PNRA) Board Establishes Mercer Rowing Advisory Committee

July 8, 2016

The PNRA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the creation of a Board committee that will focus on the direction, programs and staffing of the Mercer Rowing Club.

PNRA has a multi-faceted mission, which includes:

  • Providing a world class training facility for our nation’s elite and Olympic athletes
  • Building opportunities for area youth to excel in the sport of rowing
  • Conducting top level regattas and events on one of the nation’s premiere rowing venues
  • Expanding rowing in Mercer County through community based programs

The Mercer Rowing Club plays a crucial role in achieving this mission, in that the club provides opportunities for both junior and masters rowers from Mercer County and throughout the region to learn, and then excel in, the sport of rowing, Additionally, Mercer provides critical volunteer support to the many regattas and events conducted by PNRA. After a series of discussions this spring across the Mercer Rowing Club community, the Board concluded that due to the growth and success of the Mercer programs in recent years, the creation of a committee focused on Mercer programs within the PNRA organizational structure would enable both PNRA and Mercer to flourish into the future. The PNRA board has directed that the newly established Mercer Rowing Committee:

  • Will dedicate time to Mercer specifically in the areas of structure, staffing, budgeting, communication and transparency,
  • Members will also be members of the PNRA Board, ensuring clear communication and unified governance: we will thrive together,
  • Will include both active Mercer families and alumni to provide a both current and longer-term focus

The overall goal is to continue to build upon and amplify the success of the Mercer programs while preserving the structure, organization and interdependence that benefits the whole of PNRA.  The committee will serve as a focal point, independent voice, channel of communication and sounding board for Mercer within the PNRA Board, and will undertake longer range financial and organizational planning for Mercer than has been done in the past.

As the Mercer Rowing Committee begins work clarifying responsibilities, setting financial plans and undertaking near-term organizational planning for the ‘16/’17 Season,  they will be reaching out to club participants (rowers, parents, alumni and coaches) for input and suggestions. This early feedback will also serve as the basis for development in the coming year of a five year master plan for club. Additional information about the committee is available on the PNRA website.

Initial members of the committee are Kristin Appelget (, Jamie Tanguay (, Stephen Parker (, Jim Stoddard ( and Dave Kuhlman (  Please join the Board in thanking them for devoting their time and expertise to this important effort.