Patagonia Order Form! Due December 7th!


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! We have 3 more weeks until the next break and we are hoping to get the Patagonia gear in before the end of the year (this is tentative). Because of this timeline the order form will close WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7TH! This gives everyone a week to fill the order form out.

We have the same gear and team discount as last Spring: 1/4 zip sweater, rain jacket, and backpack. Pictures, color, and price are on the Order Form. This is a great holiday gift idea!

The order form will have 3 questions. This is an example of how to answer:

What do you want to order?  Women’s Better sweater

How many do you want? 2

What size? M & L (if you want 2 of the same size there is an ‘other’ option)

Their are enough blanks (asking “What do you want to order?”) for you to order one of every item. Checks can be mailed to PNRA or dropped off, please make them out to PNRA. Please contact me with any questions you may have!