We apologize for the later timing, we had some hang ups on getting the store open.

The PNRA Mercer team store is now OPEN. At the JL Team Store site, you can use your own credit card to order required team uniform items as well as training gear. Varsity need a team uni, we suggest the novice order a pair of trou (though this is optional), and the masters need the racing tank. Everyone MUST get their order in by midnight (PST) on 3/14/2017. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase.

There is information on the site to help you place your order. Click on this link or copy and paste it into the address field of your browser:


Regarding checkout; Please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen the order did not go through, please double check the information that you entered. The whole shipment will be delivered to PNRA and distributed through Coach Amanda.

If you have any questions please contact your team administrator.
Contact: Amanda Klaiber-Short
Email:  aklaibershort@rowpnra.org
Phone: 609-799-7100 ext. 106

Planned delivery for team kit: 4/17/2017

Planned Delivery for Outerwear: 4/28/2017

Thanks for your patience, GO MERCER!