Weekend Reminders


Even though we have coaches and athletes leaving for Saratoga tomorrow we will still be running normal practices Friday and this weekend. The only change is *Sunday’s practice is OPTIONAL for varsity boys*. All other practices will be the same!

Nike gear is in! The final sweatshirts and sweatpants should be in by Monday so please check in with Coach Amanda for your gear. If you ordered JL outerwear the expected delivery date is May 2nd!

A final reminder to the athletes going to Saratoga to be at the boathouse by 3:45 so we can get wheels rolling by 4:15. Please bring a meal with you in the vans as we will only be stopping for a bathroom break and not a dinner break on the trip up.

Important things to remember if you are going to Saratoga:
-Uni/Mercer shirt
-Homework! (AP test season is upon us)
-Reusable water bottle
Please write your name/initials on ALL your gear to avoid confusion!