Final Week of Fall

Hello Mercer friends and family,

This is our last full week of the fall season and winter information has been posted previously in the blog. Winter registration is now OPEN, so please make sure your rower is registered and ready for our indoor season. This Friday, 11/17, will be the all boathouse clean up. Please encourage your rower to wear clothes that can get dirty and bring extra layers.

The Lost and Found will be donated at the end of the week so it can start over for a new season. Please check for any clothing and water bottles that you may have misplaced before we take it to Homefront! Any Mercer gear will be held so check with Coach Amanda if you cannot find a piece of Nike, Patagonia, or JL clothing. If you have ordered any Nike or Patagonia gear, all pieces are now available for pickup! Please see Coach Amanda before or after practice for pick up, and make sure you have sent a check for Patagonia gear with your rower.

Our expansion fundraiser is a few short days away! Rowers have been given raffle tickets to try and sell for our ‘Boat of Cheer’ worth $1000. Please return any leftover tickets by Friday to your respective coaches. You can still purchase tickets to the event at TopGolf here! Check out the silent auction items here.

Due to cold weather, the Frostbite and Braxton Regattas started with delays, but ended with numerous medals and great races from the Junior team!
Varsity Girls Frostbite-
Varsity 4+: 3 First place finishes in flights
Varsity 8+: 2 First place, 2 Second place, one Fifth place in flights

Varsity Boys Frostbite-
Varsity 4+: 3 First place finishes in flights
Varsity 8+: 2 First place, one Third place finish in flights

Varsity Girls Braxton-
Varsity 4+: 1st and 2nd overall
JV 4+: 3 First place finishes in flights
Varsity 8+: 1st and 3rd overall
JV 8+: 1st and 4th overall

Varsity Boys Braxton-
Varsity 4+: 5th and 6th overall
JV 4+: 2 First place, one 2nd place finish in flights
Varsity 8+: 3rd place overall
JV 8+: 1st and 2nd in flights

Novice Braxton-
Novice Boys 8+: 1N 5th overall, 2N 16th and 3N 24th out of 26 in heat
Novice Girls 4+: 1st in flight
Novice Girls 8+: Race canceled, but in scrimmage 1N went 7:48, 2N went 8:47, 3N went 9:21