Virtual Team Challenge 2018!

Hello Mercer family and friends,

The rowing community welcomes the new year with the Virtual Team Challenge hosted by Concept 2, and the 2018 contest has begun. This challenge takes every meter erged in January and counts it towards PNRA/Mercer’s team total, comparing us to other teams around the world. Last year we placed 8th and we want to keep improving our standing (almost 400 teams are currently registered)! The challenge is for anyone who ergs or uses the Concept 2 bike, and every meter counts, whether it’s a paddle or a sprint.

To join the challenge and support PNRA, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click HERE to sign up for a Concept 2 account or log into the one you already have
  2. Join our team, PNRA/Mercer
  3. Click HERE to get to the Virtual Team Challenge (right side of the page)
  4. Join the challenge by JANUARY 16TH! The rules ask that all meters rowed be logged by Friday of the week you rowed them. Avoid entering all your meters on January 31st

If you have any questions please ask your respective coaches for assistance.