Schuylkill/Navy Update, No Junior Racing

Hello Mercer friends and family,

This weekend is the Schuylkill/Navy Regatta in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, there were no junior teams signed up for racing, and to pay for a regatta to only race ourselves doesn’t make much sense for our juniors. Coach Jamie and Coach Amanda have decided to cancel the junior participation in this event and instead focus on the Independence Day Regatta coming up at the end of the month.

If you know you CANNOT make the IDR please inform your coaches and fill out the absence form so they can start entering boats and lineups for this event. The more time we have to practice lineups the better the results will be! We are sorry to not have a race this weekend, but this also gives the team more time to adjust to our new teammates and lineups.

The Masters will still race at Schuylkill/Navy and Coach Matt will have the details for the races and boats later this week!