Head of the Schuylkill Information


Below you will find some additional information about the Head of the Schuylkill on Sunday, October 27:

Lineups: please check this google sheet for boat lineups and race times (check back soon for varsity girls lineups).  ARRIVAL TIMES TO THE VENUE ARE ALSO LISTED HERE.

Trip Fee: if you have not yet paid, please do so here.

Drop-off/Pick-up and Parking:  The Head of the Schuylkill is technically an away regatta, but parents and athletes are required to get themselves to the course. Please refer to the lineups google sheet above for specific arrival times to the trailer for each race. There is no access to Kelly Drive without a parking pass and we do not have enough passes for all parents. It is HIGHLY encouraged that you utilize the off-site parking ($15/day) and the FREE shuttle when dropping off your son or daughter. Even if you are not planning to stay and don’t want to pay to park, the free shuttle will be much easier and safer than trying to navigate the road closures. The exact location of the trailer will be sent out late Friday evening. Please review the venue map here. Please allow plenty of time to get to the trailer. Please plan to be at the venue for most of the day. The athletes will need to get the boats loaded onto the trailer after the race before they are allowed to leave the venue. Please check with your coach if you have specific time constraints.

Racing:  This is a head race. That means the boats are coming down the course one at a time, with about 15 seconds separating them, rather than spread across in lanes. The google sheet (link above) will have bow numbers updated as soon as they are released as well as posted on the Parents of MJRC Facebook page. Please check on race day as there are sometimes scratches or changes that affect bow numbers. Once the racing is over, please wait until you hear from your athlete before you pick him/her up. The athletes will need to de-rig the boats and load them back on the trailer before they are allowed to leave, which does take some time.  The coaches ask that you not hang around the trailers while the athletes are working, but rather wait until you hear from them.

Spectator Information:  We will have the NEW Mercer tent set up for this event. We will need some help setting the tent up on Sunday morning! The location of the tent will be somewhere along the shore near the trailer (which will be posted Friday evening). We don’t have a specific food/drink signup for this, but if anyone wants to bring bars, healthy snacks for the athletes, please feel free! There is also a covered grandstand located at roughly the half way point of the race. Please don’t use the trailer as your race-watching spot as this is for coaches and athletes only.

Miscellaneous:  The Head of the Schuylkill is a large regatta, with many clubs competing in events throughout the day.  There will be a lot of exciting racing, but it will also be very crowded.  Please pack some food, water, and extra gear for your athletes!  There are water fill stations located throughout the venue, and some vendors at the course, but it’s best to come prepared.

Weather: Forecast is calling for rain which means the venue will be wet and muddy. Please be sure athletes have rain gear and BOOTS. Also, please have the athletes bring extra clothes to change into after racing to de-rig and load the trailer (put a bag of clothes in a trash bag so it doesn’t get wet).

Regatta Website: http://hosr.org/. This has information on parking, directions to the venue, spectating, etc.

Good luck to all boats!

Go Mercer!