Regatta Sport Order – Arrived!

Hi All

Happy Summer! I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

The uni suits that were ordered via Regatta Sport earlier in the year have arrived (after a pause on all production at Regatta Sport to help produce masks).

The following list of people placed an order and your uni suit is ready to be collected (some parents names, some athlete names):

Meghan Drago
Barbara Boucke
Jan Bisco-Werner
Harish Dhayal
Eric Rohloff
Leon Deng
Khalid Mamun
Erich Sands
Ashna Garikapti
Matt Bigga
Amanda Yu
Kate Miller
Derek Quinn
Archana Vemula
Danielle Mercora
Susan Sidebottom

Please come and see Coach Jules at the Boathouse to collect your uni suit so that I can mark you off as collecting it.

You are welcome and encouraged to come THIS WEEK Tuesday – Friday from 8am to 12pm (for Summer Camps).

If you are rowing in the morning this week, Tuesday – Friday, come and find me as I am usually at the BH for camp by 7am.

For collection outside of these times, please email me directly: to arrange an alternate collection time.

Thank you!

Coach Jules