Crash-Bs and more!


Winter is well underway and we have new information and events to share with the Mercer community. First things first, Spring registration is now OPEN! If your child is interested in rowing for PNRA/Mercer this Spring please sign them up and double check that you have all the paperwork turned into the office. The Spring practice schedule will be:

Varsity will practice Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3:45-6:15 PM Tuesday will be OFF. Saturday and Sunday Times: TBA once the season starts. Spring begins March 6th for Varsity.

Novices will practice Monday – Friday 4:00-6:00 PM Saturday Practices TBA once the season starts. Spring begins March 20th for Novice.

We are hosting informational meetings for people interested in learning about our summer camps and rowing in February and March. If you know someone who would like more information about our program we have four info sessions they can attend. If you are interested in attending and talking to potential rowing families you are welcome to come as well!

-February 4th, Princeton McCaffrey’s 2-4 PM

-February 18th, Yardley McCaffrey’s 2-4 PM

-February 25th, Robbinsville Public Library 2-4 PM

-March 5th, South Brunswick Public Library 2-4 PM (Sunday)

Flyers will be available in the office Friday (1/20) if you are interested in giving some to friends or hanging them in local businesses that have a community board. (Always ask permission to hang at a business)

February 26th is the Mercer Indoor Row for the Cure! This event will be held at the Peddie School and all proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Novice and Varsity are both expected to row at this event which will begin at 9 AM.

Many rowers are aware of the indoor rowing competition CRASH-B Sprints held in Boston every February. This year, CRASH-B will be held February 12th at the Agganis Arena at Boston University. For those interested in participating registration closes January 20th. This is not PNRA/Mercer sanctioned event but we will be sending Coach Matt and Coach Justin to support those rowers participating. Please inform your coaches if you will be competing.

Lastly, Homefront Donations are due Friday, January 20th.


Princeton Rowing Camps


Princeton University is hosting two winter camps for high school rowers this weekend and next weekend. This is a great opportunity for 9th-12th graders to receive feedback from collegiate coaches. If you are interested, more information and registration are available HERE. These camps are completely optional, but if you are interested please reach out to your respective coach.

A description of the camps from their website:

“The Princeton University Rowing Clinics are for experienced male and female high school rowers who are interested in enhancing their rowing skills before the spring racing season.  Members of the University coaching staff will utilize Princeton’s state-of-the-art indoor training center to comprehensively improve athlete’s rowing technique, physiological output, core strength, and flexibility. Two, five-hour training sessions will include rowing in the tanks, introductions to ergometer workouts and testing methods, core strength training, intensive stretching, and speakers from both the Princeton University staff and the US Olympic Rowing Team.  There will be 60 minutes of video review and a reception for parents and coaches at the end of the clinic.”

Have a great weekend. GO MERCER!

New Years Update!

Hello and Happy New Year!

We hope you had a warm and safe holiday break! Here are a few updates for the new year and the rest of winter season.

*Junior practice resumes TODAY, January 2nd, for the varsity team. Masters practice will begin tomorrow morning (1/3), and Novice practice starts Wednesday (1/4).*

*Remaining Patagonia orders can be picked up any time from 10 AM to 5 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Pick up will be from 12 PM to 8 PM Wednesday and Thursday. Please have payment ready or already turned in at time of pickup.*

*Concept 2 has started their 2017 Virtual Team Challenge! This event will run the entire month of January and is a great way to start the year off. Last year PNRA was ranked 20th in the WORLD for total meters rowed! All PNRA rowers must be signed up by January 16th, and all workouts done on an erg count. Parents and alumni are welcome to join. Here are the instructions for signing up:

  1. Go to and click Sign Up on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Enter your information and create an account.
  3. Once your account is created find the Teams tab at the top of the page.
  4. Type in PNRA in the Find Teams box and PNRA/Mercer should come up. Click and now you’re part of the team!
  5. Last step. On the right side of the Teams page there will be a “Virtual Team Challenge” box. Inside will be a button to join the challenge. Click and remember to log your workouts throughout the month!*

*Mark your calendars for our first Row for the Cure Event! This indoor erg challenge will be February 26th at the Peddie School. Sign up is done individually through Regatta Central. All levels of rowers are welcome! Look for more information in the coming weeks.*


Patagonia Pick Up


The Patagonia order will be ready for pick up THURSDAY DECEMBER 22ND from 2-7 PM. Our junior teams do not have practice this week but the boathouse will be open for the clothing pick up. If you placed an order please bring a check or cash for the full payment. There will be a copy of your order form available in case you need a reminder of your full order and price.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions please contact Amanda at

Happy Holidays and GO MERCER!

Winter Updates!


We have some updates and reminders for the PNRA/Mercer community as 2016 comes to a close.

Winter is finally here, so the chances of inclement weather affecting the practice schedule are greater. Please make sure you are subscribed to our automatic texting service! This system allows us to quickly spread the word of a canceled or modified practice to all athletes and parents. Simply text PNRA to 313131 and you should receive a confirmation within a few minutes.

We have purchased new ergs and need to make room for them! We will have 10 ergs to sell to the Mercer community starting Monday the 19th, for $450 each. The ergs can be taken apart so they will easily fit into almost any vehicle (no truck bed necessary). We will also be selling trophy oars for $125. You will receive the entire oar, which will be painted in Mercer colors: blue with a red stripe down the middle. If you’re interested please talk to Justin Ochal or Kris Grudt.

As we look to the new year, we wanted to inform our rowers, parents, and PNRA community of the upcoming summer schedule. We know that travel arrangements need advanced notice, so with that in mind, here is the summer regatta schedule:

  • IDR, Philadelphia, June 30-July 2: Masters and Juniors
  • Carnegie Lake, July 7: Masters
  • Club Nationals, Bethel OH, July 12-16: Juniors
  • Philadelphia Youth Regatta, July 22: Juniors TBD
  • Canadian Henley, St. Catherine’s, ON: Masters TBD
  • Masters’ Nationals, Oakridge, TN, August 17-20: Masters TBD

Although the team has participated in the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta for the past 4 years, we are considering changing the schedule so the Juniors would instead compete at Club Nationals. While Canadian Henley was a terrific regatta, we have consulted with both physicians and trainers and they believe that high school age athletes need to take time off from rowing.

This year we took 6 weeks off after Canadian Henley and started our Fall season on September 12th. We believe that this put us approximately 3 weeks behind many of the other east coast clubs that we race. Club Nationals are typically held in mid July.  If we choose to compete at Club Nationals we would end the summer season earlier and be able to start the Fall season when our competition begins theirs. More information will be available soon!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! GO MERCER!

Patagonia Orders Due Tomorrow! (Dec 7th)


This is a friendly reminder that all Patagonia orders are due Wednesday, December 7th, at midnight. In order to get this delivered in a timely manner I will be sending the final form to Patagonia Thursday morning, no exceptions.

Your payment is needed before you can pick up your item/s. As soon as I know a possible date of delivery I will notify you of pick up times! As always, if there are any questions please contact me at

Happy Holidays!

Coach Amanda

Patagonia Order Form! Due December 7th!


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! We have 3 more weeks until the next break and we are hoping to get the Patagonia gear in before the end of the year (this is tentative). Because of this timeline the order form will close WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7TH! This gives everyone a week to fill the order form out.

We have the same gear and team discount as last Spring: 1/4 zip sweater, rain jacket, and backpack. Pictures, color, and price are on the Order Form. This is a great holiday gift idea!

The order form will have 3 questions. This is an example of how to answer:

What do you want to order?  Women’s Better sweater

How many do you want? 2

What size? M & L (if you want 2 of the same size there is an ‘other’ option)

Their are enough blanks (asking “What do you want to order?”) for you to order one of every item. Checks can be mailed to PNRA or dropped off, please make them out to PNRA. Please contact me with any questions you may have!


Winter Workout Athletes

Hello parents and rowers,

Fall is ending soon and winter training will begin November 15th for Varsity rowers and November 30th for Novice rowers. Due to the limited amount of room available to train in during the winter months, athletes have to have been invited by the coaches to train this winter (all names are listed below). Please click Here to register your rower for winter.

Varsity Girls:

Laila Shehab, Sara Hansen, Katie Lustig, Katryna Niva, Sarah Closser, Ciara Devenuto-Wyeth, Chloe Couillens, Kerian Wild, Emmanuell A., Erin Heyeck, Catie V-B, Alexa Sands, Erin Dobbs, Maheera Bawa, Morgan Linsey, Bridget Parker, Grace Wonnell, Sheila Kennedy-Moore, Sophie Craver, Kristen Hanzel, Julia Berdzik, Olivia Andersen, Caroline Gibson, Peri Mishkin, Kendall Levine, Jackie Armetta, Abby McAlear, Elena Kosowski, Audrey Xu, Emaan Anwar, Mia Barkenbush, Celia Varga, Taylor Verling, Charlotte Schultz, Eveline Enthoren.

Varsity Boys:

Alex B., Alex F., Alex G., Andrie, Brady, Brian, Carter, Chase, Chow, Chris G., Chris S., Dana, Danny, Dortch, Drew, Eli, Enzo, Eshan, Evan, Jack, Jackson, Julius, Kevin, Lachlan, Leon, Magnus, Moe, Moss, Nick N, Pavel, Spencer, Sully, Will K.

Novice Girls:

Sylvie, Sarang, Arya, Juliette, Maggie, Audrey L, Victoria, Fiona, Michele G, Olivia, Amelia, Natalie D, Audrey B, Caroline.

Novice Boys:

Ben, Sachin, Jake B, Will G, Nick Cushman, Ryan, Jack W, Chris W, Joe, Will S, Thomas, Aniketh, Sam S, Jeremy.


Go Mercer!

Frostbite and Braxton Regatta Line-Ups

Hello PNRA/Mercer families!

This is our last race weekend of the Fall! We have 2 races, the Frostbite on Saturday for Varsity, and the Braxton on Sunday for the whole team. Please drop your child off at the Caspersen(PNRA) boathouse 2 hours before their event time. We want to remind spectators and families to watch the regatta from the Marina side of the lake. We will have our tent in the finish line area with food and drinks for everyone to share.

Line-ups for the Frostbite are:

Event # 7A 7C 8D 8E
Event Name WV4A WV4B MV4A MV4B
Start Time 9:49 AM 10:03 AM 10:38 AM 10:45 AM
Launch 9:14 AM 9:26 AM 10:08 AM 10:15 AM
Lane # 4 5 5 1
Boat Voorhees Korzo Vespoli Bannon
Oars 2x Orange 2x Orange 3x Blue 3x Blue
Bow Sara Hansen Sarah C Drew Enzo
2 Celia Varga Catie VB Rex Leon
3 Laila S Bridget P Jack Chris Silva
Stroke Katryna Mia B. Danny Julius
Coxswain Caroline G Lauren P Kate Annie
Event # 19A 19B 19C 19D 19E
Start Time 1:05 PM 1:12 PM 1:19 PM 1:26 PM 1:33 PM
Launch 12:30 PM 12:37 PM 12:43 PM 12:50 PM 12:57 PM
Lane # 1 4 2 2 4
Boat Trat Becca Caspersen No Name G3
Oars 2x Orange 2x Blue 1x Green Red/Blue Green/White
Bow Mia Grace Julia Kristin H. Ruhee
2 Bridget Chloe Izzy Taylor V.  Ankita
3 Catie VB Sarah C. Erin D. Caroline S. Abby
4 Laila Emmanuell Alexa Sands Fiona Elyse
5 Katryna Erin Heyeck Morgan Olivia Michele
6 Kerian Ciara Sophie Kendall L Milana
7 Celia Maheera Jackie Elena Emaan
Stroke Sara H Sheila Peri Audrey Aylin
Coxswain Caroline G Lauren P Lulu Maddie Peel Maura
Event # 20A 20B 20C 20D
Start Time 1:40 PM 1:47 PM 1:54 PM 2:01 PM
Launch 1:10 PM 1:17 PM 1:24 PM 1:31 PM
Lane # 1 1 3 4
Boat Skinny Orange/Purple 2x Green Red/White
Oars Weir Jkow Sniekus Wolf
Bow Sully David D Nick Brandon
2 Brady Spencer Conall Morolayo
3 Andrew M Andrei Amartya Akhil
4 Kyle Rittenhouse Peter Jackson
5 Brian R Pavel Andrew W Eshan
6 Dana Alex B Kevin K Shunak
7 Magnus Tyler Emmanuel Matt
Stroke Evan Chase John M Ty
Coxswain Kate Annie Rishab Diana


Line-Ups for the Braxton are:

Event # 12A 12A 13B 13E Event #
Event WV4A WV4B MJV8A MJV8C Event
Heat Time 8:00 AM 8:00 AM Flight Only Flight Only Heat Time
Launch 7:25 AM 7:25 AM 10:54 11:12 Launch
Final Time 11:12 AM 11:12 AM 11:24 11:42 Final Time
Lane # 11 23 3 1 Lane #
Boat Voorhees Korzo Wolf Sniekus Boat
Oars 2x Orange 2x Orange Orange/Purple Red/White Oars
David D Nick Bow
Shunak Jackson 2
Andrei Akhil 3
Chase Morolayo 4
Bow Sara H Kerian Pavel Brandon 5
2 Celia Varga Catie VB Alex B Rittenhouse 6
3 Laila S Bridget P Tyler Eshan 7
Stroke Katryna N Mia B Brady Ty Stroke
Coxswain Caroline G Lauren P Rishab Diana Coxswain
Event # 13F 14 A 14B 14E
Heat Time Flight Only Flight Only Flight Only Flight Only
Launch 11:18 12:18 12:24 12:42
Final Time 11:48 12:48 12:54 1:12
Lane # 2 5 3 1
Boat Fisher B2 San Diego Rusty Wales
Oars 2x Green Yellow/Purple Blue Yellow/White
Bow Thomas D Kyle R Jack W Haven
2 Conall Charles Joe D Ben
3 Emmanuel Dan C Johan Nick Casilli
4 Peter Jeremy Jake B Alex G
5 Andrew W Aniketh Nick C Will G
6 Kevin Jozef Will S Eli
7 Matt Thomas C Sam S Alex F
Stroke John M Ryan M Sachin Grant
Coxswain Allen Matt Kira Deven
Event # 15A 15A 30A 30A
Event Name MV8A MV8B MV4A MV4B
Heat Time 8:15 AM 8:15 AM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM
Launch 7:45 AM 7:45 AM 8:00 AM 8:00 AM
Final Time 12:51 12:51 2:54 2:54
Lane # 36 47 60 79
Boat Weir Jkow Vespoli Bannon
Oars 3x Blue Skinny 3x Blue 3x Blue
Bow Enzo Sully
2 Leon Spencer
3 Chris Silva Brian R
4 Julius Kyle
5 Drew Andrew M Drew Magnus
6 Rex Dana Rex Leon
7 Jack Magnus Jack Chris Silva
Stroke Danny Evan Danny Julius
Coxswain Kate Annie Kate Annie
Event # 31A 31B 32A 32A
Event Name WV8D WV8E WN8D WN8C
Launch 2:25 PM 2:31 PM 2:44 2:44
Final Time 3:00 PM 3:06 PM 3:24 PM 3:24 PM
Lane # 3 4 1 3
Boat No Name Merion G1 Waters
Oars Red/Blue 2x Red 2x White Purple
Bow Caroline S. Ruhee Asha Aarthi
2 Izzy Lily Layne Caroline
3 Kristin H. Abby Ramsha Bella
4 Peri Elyse Hannah F Audrey L
5 Morgan Michele Michelle R Catherine C
6 Parkie Milana Anna Anya
7 Elena Emaan Annie Arya
Stroke Audrey Aylin Riley Lula
Coxswain Anna Lauren G. Sunny Paige
Event # 32B 32C 33A 33A 33A
Heat Time Flight Only Flight Only 8:45 AM 8:45 AM 8:45 AM
Launch 2:50 2:56 8:10 AM 8:10 AM 8:10 AM
Final Time 3:30 PM 3:36 PM 3:42 PM 3:42 PM 3:42 PM
Lane # 4 2 102 91 100
Boat G2 G3 Trat Becca Caspersen
Oars Red White/Green 2x Orange 2x Blue 1x Green
Bow Sarang Maggie Mia Grace Julia
2 Emma Juliette Bridget Chloe Taylor V.
3 Amelia Kristen Catie VB Sarah C Jackie
4 Natalie D Nathalie V Laila Emmanuell Alexa Sands
5 Hannah S Caitlyn Katryna Erin Heyeck Olivia
6 Kate Eveline Kerian Ciara Sophie
7 Audrey B Sylvie Celia Maheera Erin D.
Stroke Fiona Shannon Sara H. Sheila Kendall L.
Coxswain Megan Helena Caroline G Lauren P Lulu


We’ll have these line-ups printed out at the Mercer tent so friends and family can double check times and which seat their child is in.


Can’t wait to see you all at the race course!

Go Mercer!